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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Catch Up Christmas Times 2014

It's very easy to see I've took a little blogging break this December, I feel like all my internet time has been spent on my Youtube channel which I'm really loving but I need to find a bit more of a balance. This final blog of 2014 is a round up of things I've been working on this month that all you people over here on my bloggy blog may have missed out on - check out my videos if any of these pictures interest you.  Beccasbeautyspot Youtube

I am forever switching from blonde to pink that I guess it must be a little annoying! Damn you for pink always washing out!

A little summary of stand out products of 2014 for me :

Smashbox photofinish original primer | Bare Minerals foundations - all of them!! | Collection lasting perfection concealer | Limecrime Coquette | Mac Spice Lipliner | Elf Gel Liner | Illamasqua Berber | Garnier Micellar Water | Lush Bath bombs - It's been the year of bath obsessions | 

Let me know the products that have made your year and you have used constantly??

Thank you guys - have an awesome new year xxxx

Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Christmas Tag 2014

Hello everyone! I'm back with the Christmas Tag, really because Tags are fun! Prewarning, I am not great with christmas, over the years I have been a little scrooge like, don't get me wrong I love Christmas day  with my family and buying gifts for my loved ones but you won't find me listening to Christmas CDs in my car anytime soon! I love the holidays but I'm not one of those crazy ones lol. I don't know maybe it just goes by how your family are!

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
I only really watch christmas movies on christmas eve or if they are on the tv, I don't actually own any lol. Favs are Grinch and Polar express (Really because that's my mums fav!)

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
It used to be one on christmas eve and then the rest at the crack of dawn. But now as I'm the youngest in my family it's probably going to be later on in the morning by the time I can get everyone up lol.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
One specific memory doesn't come to mind as all my childhood ones were amazing. I have flashbacks of both my brothers in power rangers costumes fighting eachother, me with many a dolls house /barbie/playing on a dancemat. I do remember one christmas looking out the window and seeing my older cousins whizzing up and down our road on my brothers electric scooter that Santa was bringing in the morning. HAHA. Spoiled it a bit!

4. Favourite festive food?
Christmas Dinner aside, all the tins of chocolates! Roses first then Quality Street! Chai tea lattes & lots of hot chocolate!

5. Favourite Christmas gift?
Um nowadays gifts really don't matter, it's crazy how that happens! It's all about the warm fuzzies and making memories! I was really really spoilt rotten as a child (I can see that now, so thankful) that I always got whatever my heart desired for christmas so I can't even remember a specific gift from Santa. Always amazing, props to my parents!

6. Favourite Christmas scent?
For candles I love the mint candy cane scent you can get from Yankee Candle, also any sugar cookie etc! We don't have much cinnamon in my house cause it makes my mum ill! lol Warm cider that sort of thing is her cup of tea. For perfume I love Tom Ford & Alien - the stronger scents! 

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Cosy Christmas Eve's! Lay on the sofa and watch movies normally! We always have the same routines on christmas with extended family but I guess everyones the same.

8. What tops your tree?
A gold star!

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
Probably all kinds of animals, baby animals I'm sure!

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
Family time with lot's of nice food! I don't really have one best part I really enjoy the day, there is always plenty of craic to be had, many a joke and obviously a billion calories! It'salso nice to see everyone with their gifts and what their reaction was.

Hope you've enjoyed this tag! If you also do the tag (feel free to answer the questions in the comments if you don't have a blog) make sure to let me know as I'd love to read your answers!

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
4. Favourite festive food?
5. Favourite Christmas gift?
6. Favourite Christmas scent?

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
8. What tops your tree?
9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?

Hope you enjoyed x

Monday, 8 December 2014

My Easy Go To Makeup | Youtube Video

I always find these looks really interesting, stripped back to basics - What do you do last minute? Or what aspects of your makeup are on the forefront?

This look is probably the most neutral you will ever see me, which is a change! I have really been into nude lips at the moment, something that has taken me years to get into really.

Stand out products from this look that I would definitely recommend:

MUA power brow in fair 
Diorshow Maximiser
Mac Spice Lipliner
Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzer

Let me know what products you can't live without?
I hope you enjoyed the video too! xxx

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Airbrush Foundation | Makeup of the Day

Products Used:

Eyes - 
Mac Pro Primary Yellow Paint Pot | Illamasqua Pure Pigment Berber | Elf Turks and Caicos (Crease colour) | Mac Blacktrack Gel liner | Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara | Mac Individual Lashes

Brows - 
MUA power brow luxe Fair

Lips - 
Mac Spice Lipliner | L'oreal glam shine 403 Magnetic Rose

Face -
Smashbox Photofinish Primer in original 
Mistair Airbrush Foundation
Elf Turks and Caicos

Never infact do I airbrush myself, far too much effort and even I am not that vein for such carry on daily. But recently I was giving my machine a deep clean (they are actually such a nightmare and you have to be rigorous but thats just the way of these things). So it was more of a necessity to give it a proper test out. Also this is a great way to give a review on my own skin type (Combination - a lady of powder touch ups). 

There is literally no foundation that looks this smooth, poreless and flawless without having any weight to it. I like to take my time with airbrush and build it up in light layers which also adds to the longevity. No touch ups required. Everyone on tv now is airbrushed, it's basically the new technique that has taken over.

One thing I would say is if I could have airbrushed flawless skin everyday I would but then again I'm not Beyonce. lol

Let me know what you think? Would you try airbrush?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

My Week In Pictures | My Instagram

 It's understatement to say I'm pretty obsessed with instagram.  (Follow me @rebeccadurrans) I really enjoy these kinds of posts that are a little bit personal and you can hear a little bit more on what I've been doing this week.

Primark are selling these beautiful 1920's style headbands which I'm in love with. Not to everyone's taste as I was told I should be dancing barefoot in a forest with this on lol. But I would definitely check these out as they really make an outfit and are really cute for the festive season. Be different and who care's what people think.

This is what's on my eyes in the above picture and have been everyday since I got them really! Mac's holiday collection pigments in bronze and rose. How bloody gorgeous and worth the money in my opinion, used them on a few clients so far and they just take a smokey eye to the next level!

Hairstyling is not something I've been doing long- I am qualified over a year but compared to makeup/beauty I'm still a baby in this aspect. Been really trying to up my game and practice alot more too. I find it's alot easier for me to get creative than follow tutorials - I tend to beat myself up if I get lost! Some updo's I did this week, excited to explore more.

Wow! This product is a dream, I can't actually believed it worked out so well. Apparently it gives different results on everyone so be warned also. But all I can say is I now have full brows instead of half ones and my mascara now smudges under my brows- which is a shock for me! I bought it in Sally's, which I won't again cause it'll save me the shit customer service I got (Don't worry I always say it how it is ;)) and some money cause it's cheaper online from places like amazon.

Getting creative! I haven't did anything quirky or arty in a little while. I can't cope with neutrals every single day. The speckled eyeliner trend is sooo beautiful, paired with less crazy eyeshadow, I'd say it could be wearable for many! I've seen pictures where people dotted a few different colours on and it looked fabulous - like confetti eyeliner! 
Products I used: Mac Pro Primary Yellow Paint pot
Mac Bitter, Brick & Cranberry
Illamasqua pure pigment Berber & Illamasqua precision ink Scribe 
All products I would 100% recommend and are firm favourites!

Also just a quick note, this is how I feel with a topknot?? My doppelganger LOL I am absolutely obsessed with American Horror Story. I swear the first 10 minutes of the first episode scared the shit out of me I kept putting it off! But actually that's been the only thing to really scare me so far (now half way through series 2) and the story lines and twists are just WOW. Get on it if you haven't or felt like me before. I know I'm way behind on this hype. It ain't actually too scary I was just being a wuss. 

Thank you for reading! I finally got my blog sorted and added a Blog Lovin>>>>> So please follow :) xx

Monday, 17 November 2014

Arabic Eyes | Makeup Of The Day

I don't normally wear a lot of eyeliner but some days I don't have any ideas of the makeup look I'm doing and I just go with the flow so this is quite a different look for me. 

The main part of this look is the liner which reminds me of a classic Arabic look. They tend to follow the liner into the inner corner as well as winging it quite far out. This gives a real feline look as well as accentuating the shape of the eye. Also paired with lots of black kohl inside.

For the mermaid style eyeshadow I used the eyeshadow 'Chronic' by Urban Decay with the Wet n Wild cream glitters over top (Blue and White) Featured here :

On my lips I have Mac Spice Lipliner and the Mac Lipstick in Honey Love, for a nice natural, brown nude. 

I also wanted to give a mention to the foundation I've been wearing everyday for past month. I bought a bottle of the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet in 20 Beige in the summer, wore it once and popped it in my drawer. I never thought twice really until I discovered it again and for £33.00 I thought I better give this a proper try!

Initially I was put off by its overwhelmingly strong fragrance - more than any other makeup I've tried. This scared me cause all I could think was -- SPOTS! But I have been using it everyday, the finish of it is gorgeous it looks really smooth and silky on the skin (and believe me this is not my natural skin), just like velvet funnily enough! It has around medium coverage and is buildable and lasts well on my combination skin- after a couple of hours it is quite glowy which is something I'm trying to embrace. But in all honesty I don't think I would buy it again because it isn't ground breaking-- for that price, lovely product but feels a bit too much like putting perfume on my face - coming from a bare minerals girl! 

Let me know if you have tried it before?

Thanks for reading, please check out my youtube too, I upload every week at least! Rebecca Durrans - beccasbeautyspot youtube


Monday, 10 November 2014

The Gross and The Gore | Special Effects Makeup

This week's gore. I find it quite therapeutic to create bits and pieces when I'm watching films on my down time. I am never happy with my work (who is?) but I always post it anyways for inspiration and I am constantly learning. Much of makeup is trial and error. If I can have already have tested at home in a relaxed environment it makes problem solving during working much easier!

I never really used sculpting wax, I always wrote it off as a bit simple, a bit outdated. But my mind has been blown by the powers of this 'old skool' technique ever since I discovered the artist Marc- 'powdah' on instagram. He is a wax magician! Even google him if you don't use instagram, let me know what you think!

My kryolan aquacolor palette is my baby- I use it for everything. For these I also used: Ben Nye Wax, Scar Plastic and blood. 

Pretty simple but effective.

Thanks for reading xx

Monday, 3 November 2014

Classic Cut Crease | Favourite Makeup Looks

Not going to lie and say the technique of a 'cut crease' is the most simple makeup look. It's more one of those if you have a good bit of time to play with your makeup and you want something that will draw attention - most people will see the effort you have put in.

Where as it is a bit more technically challenging, the amount of products you require are quite minimal.

Basically you carve out your crease line with the liner (the hardest part is getting both eyes equal, takes alot of opening and closing/looking straight into a mirror) and then blending above with black eyeshadow. Be careful not to blend everywhere as you want the lid to be clean. If anyone would like a youtube tutorial on this please don't be afraid to request - same goes for anything!

What products I have on/used for this:

Face: Smashbox photofinish primer, Chanel perfection lumiere velvet (New favourite!) 20 beige, elf blush bronzer duo turks and caicos

Mac Myth

MUA Brow definer Fair (The black double sided one with a cream eyeshadow on the other side - New favourite!)
MUA brow mascara Fair
I have truly scrapped Mac brow products now that I have these cheap alternatives in my life, that are a fraction of the price, last longer and are just as good!  

Mac Soft ochre paint pot (swap for whatever primer you have)
Mac Smolder Eyeliner (swap for any black eyeliner)
Mac Carbon Eyeshadow (swap for any black eyeshadow you have)
Mascara Lancome Hynose Doll eyes 

I really hope this inspired you if anything, Thank you! xxx

Saturday, 25 October 2014

3rd Degree Burns Makeup | Special Effects

Cuts, wounds, anything bloody - right up my street. So funny because when I was younger I used to be afraid of blood and get that woozy feeling at the sight of it. Now I've did a complete 360 and regularly search injuries and would be the first to look. 

For this makeup I used silicone - My favourite.To be honest, I can't cope with seeing so much latex and tissue around (very old technique) unless I am teaching someone who doesn't do makeup. That way its cheap and less technical.

To colour the makeup; I used alcohol activated paints, with some congealed blood.

Hope this inspires you or helps you create what you are after! Of course if you ever recreate any of my makeups, email them to me @ or link me! I love it.

Thanks for reading xx

Thursday, 23 October 2014

'Hot Dead/Zombie/Goth Makeup' | Generic Halloween Makeup

For the girls who want to dress up, but still feel slightly attractive. This look could be switched in for lots of costumes eg, witch, demon, zombie, mummy, vampire!

Watch my youtube tutorial here :
(List of products in down bar!)


Friday, 17 October 2014

New Products That Have Made It As Staples | What I'm Loving

Finally tried the brand Limecrime after alot of lusting. I am a big fan of the Youtuber Lauren Curtis and this is one she mentioned a few times which initially popped it onto my radar. I totally agree with her, I love it. This has knocked Mac's Creme Cup out of the window. I really haven't reached for it since. It smells amazing, is super pigmented and really moisturizing on the lips. If you love nude lips, you need this. As this is an American brand I got it from

Another Youtuber reccommendation. This one is LisaLisaD1's favourite Bridget Bardot Nude, really how can you not want to look like Bridget - sold. Lisa is gorgeous and totally fabulous for her age, and she has really got me back into brown-y nudes, a touch to 90's but not as dark. For a matte it is really smooth and not drying.

I really don't know how I have lived without this so long. An eyeshadow primer is essential in my makeup routine. Soft ochre is a pale skin tone beige but for me it's also like a concealer mixed in too. It covers all my redness and veins on my lid. I've also even been using it to brighten my dark circles and it lasts amazing because its a primer. I am not sure if it's marketed for this but it stays all day, doesn't crease and looks fab, so why not!

I think this Illamasqua Vernau has a cult following and is pretty popular. I heard Alex Box quote that it is gorgeous for contouring. She is pretty much my idol so it doesn't take much for her to sell me products. The lovely manager at Belfast Counter also said this was lovely for blonde eyebrows, I don't agree for myself as my brows are veryyyy cool toned grey/brown so it doesn't match but I can imagine if you are warm toned this would work! An awesome one for multiple uses. Great for blue eyes also.

Swatches of products mentioned.
Limecrime Coquette, Mac Honey Love, Mac Soft Ochre, Illamasqua Vernau.

Thanks for reading xx

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Autumn Tag

Hey Everyone, sometime's I find blogging and keeping up everything can seem a bit full on and for my own enjoyment I need to break it up with some light hearted posts travelling around the blogger community! So no this is not informative at all, but if you like tags and maybe want to know a little more about me, here we go - The Autumn Tag.

Also stolen from the bestie over at
(It's fun to see how our answers differ!)

Ok we're talking coffees - what is your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks, Costa or Cafe Nero etc?
Obviously Pumpkin spice lattes. I am a chai tea latte fiend as it is so these are definitely my thing. I love anything cinnamon or spicy especially when it is freezing. I never say no to a coffee buzz either. I am starbucks loyal though.

my starbucks aint this good though! ha

Next up is accessories - what do you opt for, scarfs, boots or gloves?
I am seriously fussy with fashion related items at the moment. I think since my pinterest obsession came around I am having a twenties life crisis and I don't know what my style is anymore. I just bought matte black doc martens boots and I'm sure I will break those out as the bad weather hits but I still am a converse/trainer girl through and through. Then again to be honest when it's cold enough accessories are a necessity over fashion. But for now I'm not really a scarf etc person.

Then onto music - what is your favourite songs to listen to during autumn?
I don't have seasonal music I have mood music. I am HATING nearly everything on the mainstream radios at the moment (I got OLD) bar Sam Smith and Jessie Ware and they make me overthink my feelings and I always end up in a quite melancholic mood. Generally nothing beats 90s R&B and HipHop for me.

My last searches on my spotify where:  Iggy Azalea, Rick Ross (obsessed with the song 'ashton marten music'), Childish Gambino, Foy Vance, JLO (only the old stuff), Asap Rocky, Mariah Carey (only the old stuff), Snow Patrol and the Drive Soundtrack.

What is your favourite perfume during this time of the year?
I don't really have seasonal specific, still love me some Laura Mercier Ambre Vanilla.

Which candles will you be burning this season?
THIS IS MY FAVOURITE THING!! I love candles. Bought some ones shaped like skulls and they are helping my Halloween fix. But from Yankee Candle I got this one-

Fireside Treats Large Jar Candle - Yankee Candle

I want some more spicy, cinnamon ones too! Mama hates cinnamon though. 

What do you love most about autumn?
Halloweeeeeen & Fireeees! Doing special effects, I am constantly dying on instagram at all the amazing Halloween looks. (Follow me btw, search rebeccadurrans) The makeup community is boooooomb at this time of the year. I also love watching Tim Burton movies. BEETLEJUICE IS MY FAV EVERRRR, closely followed by The Nightmare before Christmas. Getting all cosey in the warmth of the fire and watching movies is the best!

Favourite make-up look?
Everybody says the dark lips trend but for some reason I'm going through a dark lips don't look good on me phase! Always love a red/orange/gold smokey eye though. Also loving lots of eyeliner, I shopped my own collection and fell in love with Mac Smolder, never thought much of it before! I have started enjoying wearing black eyeliner in my waterline for a more smudgy smokey look.

What are you looking forward to most this year?
I don't have much specific that I am looking forward too. I've had a difficult time of it recently in every aspect. But in the bigger picture, I am really looking forward to working twice as hard and progressing in my career. I am only as the start, it's very difficult and there are many barriers that I need to work through with time. I have a lot of goals I want to achieve and I am the type of person who will refuse to settle. So really I am just looking forward to seeing how my path progresses.

They tell you if you really want something, like really want it, anything is possible.

I hope you like the more personal posts I do, thank you for the support. xxx

Monday, 6 October 2014

Burnt Zombie | Halloween 2014

Watch me recreate this look on my youtube video below:

Feel free to contact me with any questions and most importantly enjoy! xx

Friday, 26 September 2014

Self Confidence Inside and Out | An Important One with Makeup

I've been thinking about this topic for a while now and as I sit down to write this post, I know it will be a long one. I have built up a little platform, each day I can check my stats and see how many of you pop in with me. I don't know who reads my blog, a lot of you are anonymous but if I can help one person with this, I'm happy.

This is one not many people talk about but your relationship with yourself can be very tricky when you are growing up. I know many people will be oblivious to these kinds of struggles as they breeze through but then again I know many who could benefit from hearing this as could I. Only now being almost 22 do I feel comfortable in my own skin, not 24/7 because lets face it I'm female and that just won't ever happen but a lot of the time. I feel I have been through a journey to get here, I just want to tell people there is a stage where you will accept yourself and that will be it.

A little bit about me growing up, a times I probably had a bit of body dysmorphia and I think I wasn't the only one. When I think back to the thought processes and how we felt about ourselves it really wasn't healthy. We were all clones, and if you weren't that was really seen as a negative. I think I got to one stage in my life were I thought 'Do you know what, the more foundation I put on the more people will like me.' That's not normal. It's really easy to get caught up on things like this if everyone else is. I genuinely used to get really bad anxiety if people would see me without makeup, to the point where this would effect how I was living my life.

It is not healthy to feel trapped in transforming yourself into something that you feel society will appreciate more. Something that you see makes yourself more successful with your peers.

What I am trying to say is, if you really don't feel happy with yourself, I mean deep down to where it is affecting you, do not look for quick fixes to help you 'transform' yourself for other people because in reality you are masking the issue. If you have bad skin, 99% of us do too or have went through it. Go to your doctor, seek out help, try new skincare. (I am going to do a post on skincare soon which has helped me.) When my life is stressful, I will without a doubt have a full face of spots, there is nothing I can do but treat my skin and get on with it. Don't compare yourself to others, this gets easier as you grow and you realize everyone's different. You see people for what they really are and everybody has their flaws. Eventually it will just click and you will realize the people who put you down are just not worth it.
I constantly get comments like 'oh are you not feeling well? You are very pale.' when I'm makeup less. It's fine now, I take it with a pinch of salt. But be aware if you say things like this to people as it can be very triggering and stick with you. But really I am not sick (majority of the time) and I know my face is just naturally about 10 shades lighter than my body. It's also very sensitive so I won't tan it. 

Nothing lasts for ever and to know that you will grow out of this is important. Finding passions and interests and things you really love doing, puts life into perspective and eventually you will stop caring.

I for one, think this is important to talk about because I have grown to realize makeup is my passion. I think when you finally realize makeup isn't a barrier to cover insecurities but something creative and much less significant to who you are as a person that's when it all comes together and a truly beautiful relationship can form. Makeup doesn't make you. I have seen many women in true happiness with a full face on, who feel great about themselves and that's amazing. I am 100% for people wearing as much makeup (because I definitely do) as they want 24/7 men or women but always for the right reasons. There isn't any rules, it's fun, it's light hearted but do it for yourself and it can be the icing on the cake to make you feel your very best!

Please share this if you agree and think its important.

If anyone needs someone to talk to, or any makeup advice feel free to email me - 

Thanks for listening, I hope this opens your eyes. xxx

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tim Burton-esque Pumpkin Skull | Halloween Ideas

Hey everyone!

Today I filmed this Tim Burton style pumpkin skull tutorial, I will pop the video up a little closer to Halloween so you can watch that if you want to recreate this. 

Subscribe here so you don't miss it : 

If this seems hard, it's really easier that it looks. I only used 3 main facepaints in white, black and silver (also a bit of spirit gum to flatten my eyebrows but that's optional). 

For this costume I would wear all black or a cute black dress, if you are looking to save money!

Hope you like this look! xxx

Friday, 19 September 2014

15 Min Crazy Circus Clown | Halloween Inspiration

Hey all! My first Halloween related posted of the year! I would say this is the first time I feel organised and have ever posted this early. I want to bash out a good few posts/youtube tutorials, simple and a little more technical. 

This crazy clown is definitely on the simple side, which is why I give it about 15- 30minutes, I spent more time trying to get the contacts in as I am a big novice when it comes to them.

What you need?
Latex and cotton wool - for the nose
Face paints - whatever colour choice
A little bit of blood - optional
Contact lenses - your choice, mine are these :  Roach lenses 
Black outfit and Black Bowler hat - Optional or jazz it up!

Look how cool the contacts look alone.. (full screen it)

To make the nose literally coat a little bit of cotton wool in latex and mold into a ball, leave to dry for about 2 minutes and then paint it with red face paint and a little blood and glue on with latex at the end. Very simple and comfortable to wear on the face, as plastic bought ones can be heavy!

Hope you enjoyed this! Bigger and Better things to come! xx

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Youtube Crazy

Hi all! 
I have literally been putting so much time and effort in to my youtube channel, getting it up and going! I am having so much fun too. Over the next wee while I am going to be starting Halloween videos which one of the most popular post's on my blog. Thank you. Please pop on over to be able to check them out in the future.

Here's what I've been getting up too.

Modern Pin up

Elf Haul

Plus a few more!!

Let me know if you enjoyed, thanks for the support xx

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday Shopping | I found Wet and Wild!

Nearly every Sunday I have a Mama-Daughter shopping trip in my Gran and Granda's town, just before visiting them. Usually I spend all this time in Primark but I just wasn't feeling it today so I ventured out into some other shops. Just having a wonder I popped into one of the local pharmacies in the shopping centre and low and behold (this may make me sound sad) the most exciting part of my day, I found the American brand Wet & Wild! Honestly I am bewildered as to why they stock this as I have never heard of anywhere else or even seen it in person!
(To any Americans you may think I'm weird!)
I just picked up what I thought would be the most exciting, just incase it was terrible. I'll probably be back in for more next time, I really want to try the lip products. 

I bought this eyeshadow palette in Poster child, probably the brightest one from the brand. I think it's cool the way they have guidance printed in the shadows, but jesus nobody put the yellow on their browbone!! Fail. But I'm excited to try this out, overall it's good pigmentation. 

Vices (red) Distortion (blue) Bleached (white) £1.59 each!

 The other items I bought from the brand were these three cream glitter pots. Originally I thought these were eyeshadows but actually it says they are for the face and body which is cool, especially for Halloween.

Can't wait to have a play with these!

 I also bought this glow stick from Topshop makeup in Play Up. It's really pigmented and I'm loving cream highlights! £10

And the next two products, my bestie Rachel picked up for me, I almost bought this Illamasqua white liquid liner in the shade Scribe but then she found it in the sale in London for £5 yay! 

She also picked me up another Mac Spice lipliner on her way home in Duty Free. I lost mine and I literally wear this every other day, it is amazing!! I think this is around £10.

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you liked this post! xoxo