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Friday, 26 September 2014

Self Confidence Inside and Out | An Important One with Makeup

I've been thinking about this topic for a while now and as I sit down to write this post, I know it will be a long one. I have built up a little platform, each day I can check my stats and see how many of you pop in with me. I don't know who reads my blog, a lot of you are anonymous but if I can help one person with this, I'm happy.

This is one not many people talk about but your relationship with yourself can be very tricky when you are growing up. I know many people will be oblivious to these kinds of struggles as they breeze through but then again I know many who could benefit from hearing this as could I. Only now being almost 22 do I feel comfortable in my own skin, not 24/7 because lets face it I'm female and that just won't ever happen but a lot of the time. I feel I have been through a journey to get here, I just want to tell people there is a stage where you will accept yourself and that will be it.

A little bit about me growing up, a times I probably had a bit of body dysmorphia and I think I wasn't the only one. When I think back to the thought processes and how we felt about ourselves it really wasn't healthy. We were all clones, and if you weren't that was really seen as a negative. I think I got to one stage in my life were I thought 'Do you know what, the more foundation I put on the more people will like me.' That's not normal. It's really easy to get caught up on things like this if everyone else is. I genuinely used to get really bad anxiety if people would see me without makeup, to the point where this would effect how I was living my life.

It is not healthy to feel trapped in transforming yourself into something that you feel society will appreciate more. Something that you see makes yourself more successful with your peers.

What I am trying to say is, if you really don't feel happy with yourself, I mean deep down to where it is affecting you, do not look for quick fixes to help you 'transform' yourself for other people because in reality you are masking the issue. If you have bad skin, 99% of us do too or have went through it. Go to your doctor, seek out help, try new skincare. (I am going to do a post on skincare soon which has helped me.) When my life is stressful, I will without a doubt have a full face of spots, there is nothing I can do but treat my skin and get on with it. Don't compare yourself to others, this gets easier as you grow and you realize everyone's different. You see people for what they really are and everybody has their flaws. Eventually it will just click and you will realize the people who put you down are just not worth it.
I constantly get comments like 'oh are you not feeling well? You are very pale.' when I'm makeup less. It's fine now, I take it with a pinch of salt. But be aware if you say things like this to people as it can be very triggering and stick with you. But really I am not sick (majority of the time) and I know my face is just naturally about 10 shades lighter than my body. It's also very sensitive so I won't tan it. 

Nothing lasts for ever and to know that you will grow out of this is important. Finding passions and interests and things you really love doing, puts life into perspective and eventually you will stop caring.

I for one, think this is important to talk about because I have grown to realize makeup is my passion. I think when you finally realize makeup isn't a barrier to cover insecurities but something creative and much less significant to who you are as a person that's when it all comes together and a truly beautiful relationship can form. Makeup doesn't make you. I have seen many women in true happiness with a full face on, who feel great about themselves and that's amazing. I am 100% for people wearing as much makeup (because I definitely do) as they want 24/7 men or women but always for the right reasons. There isn't any rules, it's fun, it's light hearted but do it for yourself and it can be the icing on the cake to make you feel your very best!

Please share this if you agree and think its important.

If anyone needs someone to talk to, or any makeup advice feel free to email me - 

Thanks for listening, I hope this opens your eyes. xxx

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