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Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year

Finally crawled back out of my hole of working my job and working on my assignments with a LITTLE life in between and really I mean little. I hate when this happens, my blog look's so sad and neglected. I have missed you! Also need to catch up on all my blogs I read, been over a month!

So time for all the catch ups, I got a job on a makeup counter, I work in Manchester City Centre so have a look out for me! (I have been spotted and that was lovely!! :) I will of course do your makeup! Also a big one, I have started YOUTUBE again, for anyone who used to watch me!
This time having a channel with my bestie Paige and also fellow makeup artist! Check it out and Subscribe!

Also I would like to address why I am absent a lot, doing a degree in SFX hair and makeup isn't as fluffy as everyone assumes. Like 'Awwwhh a degree in makeup!' NO eff you. Eyes open, it is a lot of work, it is basically like studying, art, photography all in one! Spending a lot of time doing fashion illustrating, photo-shopping, essays, that sort of thing. Constant pressure to churn out creativity all the time is hard, so definitely go in to these courses with your eyes open. I am lucky art was my favourite subject but I do feel in comparison to friend's normal degree's we have more work. Bit odd but hey! I do love the course so I get on with it. Next semester we have starting prosthesis, SFX and Body art. Itching to start! This passed one was a lot more hair related, setting, wigs etc. 

Last thing to add, I AM 21. Funny I dealt with it all better than 20, surprised at myself. Did not cry once!

Next post I will do will hopefully be some of the lovely presents I have gotten for my birthday and christmas!

Sneak Peeks! Thanks for reading! xoxoxo