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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Cheap Skincare, That Works!

Mud Therapy Deep Cleansing Mud Mask £2.59 from Superdrug

I've had this mask for quite a long time now and have used it many, many times. But specifically only when I'm having one of those really bad skin days, multiple spots, usually on my chin which is hormonal ladies and I am in need of a serious quick fix! I apply this mask all over freshly cleansed skin at night, leave for about half an hour (it dries n hardens so you will know when its ready to remove) and by the morning my breakouts are usually significantly reduced. I don't use this mask as a weekly treatment or anything because frankly I'm too lazy or never remember and I do think it would probably dry my skin out too if I did. So which is why I only save it for those horrendous days. Maybe if you had acne or super oily skin you could. I know this product is nothing fancy but I definately thought it was worth a post for the price alone! Completely barginous at less the £3.

Mental note for myself to check out more products from this range next time I'm in Superdrug, have any of you guys?

Thanks for reading xoxo

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium

This is dare I say it, is the powder of all powders. I've tried a few other mac powders, the blot one etc (I liked that it had a mirror and that was it lol) and lots from other brands but I've never experienced a powder that looks non existent on the skin! All other powders I've used in the past gave me the cakey, talc look and dear knows how I looked if I applied a little too much?! I dread to think now.
But with the mac mineralize skinfinish natural I find it takes down shine, sets my foundation but I still look healthy and my skin actually looks like skin! You can even reapply and you never look cakey! If you've combination/normal skin (not uber oily because maybe you do need a heavy powder to absorb the excess) this powder would be amazing! I have had mine (pics above) for a year, used it everyday and still have loads left, so if you think its a little pricey at just a little over £20 I think, it is worth the money.

Any one else agree with me? Thanks for reading xoxo 

Monday, 18 June 2012

YSL Duty Free Goodies

YSL lasting radiance smoothing eyeshadow in 2 Cashmere Brown, Golden gloss in 6 and 3

I can't swatch the other gloss because I gave it as a present to my mummy and it's in her handbag!

A little background story to these purchases, I was in Tenerife duty free surrounded by all the big name brands, I knew I needed some makeup items (as you always do) and I spotted a Special offer stand, the barginista that I am, obviously I popped over to check it out and low and behold a pack of 3 YSL products for only 19.75 euro. Doesn't really sound right, but who could pass it up, so off I went and purchased!

Later on I opened and realised the two glosses where brand new TESTERS. Grr! But then again with them being brand new, I suppose theres nothing to complain about, my boyfriend actually was able to pick off the giveaway tester stickers on the bottom of them so my mum is not aware of this haha. Would be a little odd giving someone a tester as a present.. So just a little story so you can all beware of this happening to you!

The eyeshadow is a lovely deep brown, a little like mac's satin taupe but definitely less of a purple tone. It has a lot of glitter particles but thankfully I didn't get alot of fall out and it blends lovely!

The gloss is also gorgeous, not sticky (like Macs lipglasses HATE THEM) long lasting as well, probs one of the best lip gloss formula's I've come across! I love the gold fleck's also, they translate lovely onto the lips.

Thanks for reading, let me know if anything like this has happened to you! Do you guys love ysl products?


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Some Holiday Outfits..

Sorry these photos are nothing special, just some random holiday shots but thought I would use them for a fashion post! I know I love to see what people are wearing on holiday so hopefully this is some what interesting, maybe! haha.

1. Maxi dress from asos! (by the way the sun was in my eyes, forgive my face!)
2. Black tube top is from Next and skirt is from NV
3. Aztec Dress from H&M (as seen in previous post!)

I'm a bit sad to be home from holidays now, after a week of 30 degrees, lots of foooood and cocktails! Plus I'm back to pouring rain, what is with the UK at the moment?? Summer is officially over too as I start my new job as a full time beauty therapist, not so glamorous as you all might think!

Anyways hopefully my next post about my YSL goodies I got at duty free is a bit more interesting and if you did want to see some more of my general holiday snaps of me and my boyf area etc, let me know!

Thanks for reading xoxo

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Loving H&M!

I am seriously loving H&M at the moment for summer or holiday clothes! They are great quality and I don't think anywhere beats the prices of the clothing, very student friendly etc if you're on a low budget. One of the pieces I've picked up lately for my holidays on friday is this really bright aztec print dress! It's gorgeous, lightweight and I love the rope style straps! The biggest thing is it was only £7.99! Can't really fault it! I only bought this the other day so it should still be in stores! I will definately be shopping more in H&M over the summer, I think it's becoming my favourite shop!

Off on hols for a week this friday, so I'll be back then with a holiday post :) Thanks for reading guys xoox

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Pre Holiday Shopping Haul!

Just home from a long day shopping with my mother dearest, tried to pick up some last minute pieces I wanted for holidays but also had a few naughty purchases too! I wanted a new perfume and my mum recently got the Versace black noir which I thought I was going to get (its gorgeous too) but when I smelt the Yellow diamond and saw the set was only £19.99 I got it instead! It's a lovely floral scent, perfect for summer!

Picked up this candle in Tkmax in Caribbean Market, it is gorgeous!! Smells like tutti fruity sweets and sherbet. Also it was ONLY £5.99, so definitely look in there if you can't afford alot of Yankee Candles!

This bag is showing up red GRR, its really bright orange/coral!! It's going to be perfect for my hols and summer! (costed £25 and in shops now!)

My mum is a big jewellery person, she loves it!! She treated me to this gorgeous ring from a local boutique, I know it's not really available for you guys but its gorgeous!

Miss Sporty Nail polishes are on 3 for 2 at the moment, I picked up these!! My fav is the lemon!

Lastly I picked up these sunnies from Tkmax for only £12.99 Bargin! love the cat eye shape and the soft colours! I needed something with more protection for driving and holidays!

Hope you guys liked my things :) Thanks for reading xoxoox