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Saturday, 23 February 2013

A fairly shameful Mac Haul..

Hello my lovelies, I know it's been a long, long time, far too long! Sorry life got in the way, a lot has changed in my life in the past few months and a lot of changes are still to come but I can only say for the better! I hope you are all still doing well :)
I know this post is a lot but I can assure you it has been gathered over the time that I've been away, it definitely wasn't all purchased at once and some were gifts, leading me on to my first two products..
I received these from my brother this Christmas (seems like so long ago, he did well didn't he!) The lipstick is one of Mac's most popular, Cream Cup, I'd been meaning to purchase this for a while but I had Angel which is quite similar (more pink, less nude) and was waiting until I'd finished it but it was as if he'd read my mind! This lipstick lives up to it's hype 100%, perfect for everyday, go buy it! Moving on to the eyeshadow, palette this was from the Christmas collection so I'll not say not say too much about it saying as its limited edition but as always they are amazing eyeshadows! (includes Taupeless, Satin Taupe, Love Spice, Spellcaster, Blackslip) 
 On to things I've purchased myself; above are blue brown pigment and constructivist paint pot. In love with this pigment it's a 'duochrome' pigment so in some lights it looks an amazing blue green and in others a lovely warm bronzy brown. Such an original Mac product that I don't think I have seen before so I think it's definitely worth forking out the money for it. On the other hand give constructivist a miss, it creases like crazy and blends away to nothing, fail.

Favourite face products of the moment, studio fix powder in c2, studio fix fluid in nc20 and studio finish concealer in nw20.They all work amazing together and I can't fault them, yet. A great combination if you get a shiny t-zone through the day and need a bit of help keeping that at bay.

 Completely unnecessary purchases but I seen a makeup artist wearing a really red, warm smoky eye and it made her blue eyes look amazing, hence why I bought cranberry eyeshadow (honestly think it's my favourite eyeshadow ever now). The other mineralize eyeshadow in Winter Pursuit was just another 'that's sooo pretty I need that' purchases, it's nice on the eyes but I do think it looks prettier in the pan than what it actually translates on the eyes.

Lastly Fling brow pencil which I know don't know how I lived without, if you have blonde hair, buy this immediately, the colour is perfect! The lip pencil is In Synch, I haven't used it much yet, this is a recent purchase but its a lovely nude, peach!

I think I just rambled an awful lot, need get back into blogging... but I hope you enjoyed this post!Please follow my blog for more! I promise.. haha thanks xox