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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Smell Like Cupcakes 24/7

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Souffle Body Creme RRP £44.50

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Perfume RRP £42.50

First of all I have never smelt products like these, they are expensive but after using them you can justify it. You must like really, really sweet, cupcake vanilla smells to like these products. (P.S nearly everybody compliments on this scent as it's so unique and delicious!)

First of all the body cream is literally the best I have ever tried, not only does it smell out of this world, its longevity is like no other, when you shower the next day the scent gets stronger. Once water mixes with it, it's like it renews it all over again. Amazing. This one tub lasts me months, great for super smooth skin too. 

Also this perfume in the same Ambre Vanille is like an even more concentrated version, the power of these products goes a long way. Without a doubt my favourite perfume I've smelt. If it's an extra special occasion I will wear these products together and it doesn't fade at all unlike many other perfumes and creams. It sticks to clothes and you will be resmelling it for days. 

I can't really ask for anything more, 5 stars for both. If you like a sweet scent, pleaaaaaaase go smell these! For anyone in Northern Ireland, they sell them in Space NK and House of Fraser in Belfast.

Thanks xx

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Red Smokey Eye | Gryffindor Inspired | Nerdy Makeup

Hey! This is the look I wore today, been doing quite natural makeup day to day lately so felt inspired to do something a little more powerful.

First of all the easy parts, everything but the eyemakeup are the products I use everyday.

Moisturizer: Origins Ginzing energy boosting -This is my favourite skincare brand, ever! I am slowly working my way through the range to find the best one suited to my skin, but I am happy with everything I've tried so far! If you are wondering why I change, but I always finish it up first.
Primer: Smashbox photofinish original.
Bare Minerals night treatment Light. - If I have breakouts I always put a layer of this on first to help heal my skin and it acts as a barrier from the rest of my makeup to prevent any spots. It's great cause it adds a bit of coverage too. 

Bare Minerals Ready Foundation R250
Dior Honey Bronze
Lancome Blush trio palette (apricot peach one?)
Benefits Watts Up Highlighter (I HATE Benefit as a brand/company (not the general staff lol hi friends, basically how they treat you!) and everything it stands for but I can't deny this is their one hidden gem, product.)

NYX Mauve Lipliner (Lost Mac Spice *cries*)
Mac Creme Cup Lipstick
Mac Lipglass Florabundance

Mua Heaven and Earth Palette - Light matte brown and dark matte brown

And Finally to the EYES!
Base: Urban decay primer potion
MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - Matte brown in the crease, gold in inner corner
THE MAIN PRODUCT OF THE LOOK - Illamasqua pure pigment in Berber
Sleek Del Mar Palette- white to highlight, orange blended into the brown in the crease as a transition colour and a little over gold in inner corner.
MUA white eyeliner blended with MUA matte brown and sleek orange on bottom lash line.
Black ELF gel liner
Dior show maximizerwhite mascara to thicken and build lashes with Lancome Hypnose Mascara on top.

And that's the look!
I am super happy with it, I went through a stage of wearing really warm eyeshadow looks everyday and I have been out of it for months until now! I have fell back in love!
Let me know if you would rock something like this? To me I feel like this is normal but I know my brain doesn't work like everyone else's! 

Bit of a long one but enjoy! xoxox p.s almost at 60,000 views ewk! 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Feeling Arty | Creative Makeup Look

Hi Everyone!
Some days I just sit down, not a clue and this happens. I am pretty happy with the final outcome, this can tend to go off in a weird way, a lot of the time a bit too directionless. But I am really enjoying playing with my airbrush machine. 

This is something similar to mine if you are wondering what airbrush is?

I created my own stencil and airbrushed on all the colours as a base. The black is grease paint, blended with shadow as is the pattern above the eye. The other eye is some glitter and gem stickers I picked up in one of those cheapy, bargain shops. Huge tip, I always pick up random stuff like this (Hoarder), with nothing in mind other than I will probably use it for something.. and wayhey!

Simple enough product list, airbrush, grease paints and applique.

I am very much always inspired by art. Always trying to create something, do what makes you happy.

Have a nice day/night xox

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Marylin Manson | The Everyday Goth vs An Epic Halloween

I absolutely love crazy, character makeup. Personally I don't tend to listen to Marilyn Manson's music, don't get me wrong, I appreciate a few songs, like many. But I am super intrigued by interestingly, odd people. I recently read his autobiography which spared on this look! I give it a big thumbs up, because he is super artistic and intellectual. I am in favour of this man and others like him, do whatever you want, create art and be happy. (I would LOVE to be a makeup artist for someone like this).

If you would like to recreate this look for everyday, halloween or fancy dress, keep reading!

Firstly you want to cover your eyebrows, I used spirit gum because mine are particularly crazy and grow in every direction, but if you are looking a cheap easy way, non toxic glue sticks usually work! Powder after to take away stickiness.

All the white base and blue is done by airbrush, but you can easily opt for facepaint.

Lips are black eyeliner blended into Mac's Rebel (If its for halloween opt for anything cheap aka facepaints, eyeshadow etc, do not buy an expensive lipstick for one night! Though Rebel is awesome!)

For super quick easy 'chrome grillzz' use tin foil and just fold it to an appropriate size and push around your teeth.

One crazy contact is necessary to complete the look, his is usually white though. Also a black wig, or spray your hair black and slick it back in this fashion!


Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Lip Product Tag

I just read this on one of my favourite blogs -
I love Laura, right from her old skool youtube days, check her out! p.s this might be boring to some of you, especially if you don't like lip products! I enjoy Tag's because it's a nice easy post and they are fun and chatty... enjoy :)

Favourite balm or treatment?
To be honest I think the majority of these products do the same thing, unless it's a proper heavy duty product for chapped lips and something medicinal. But the one I use everyday is a yellow EOS balm (the egg ones!) in lemon flavour, I love them cause it tastes yummy and it's really easy to use!

Best eye catching Red Lipstick
Red is probably my least favourite colour on myself, I only recently discovered this when I wore it for literally the first time in ages the other day. I feel I am much more of a pink/purple girl. But obviously I own tonnes, my mind changes daily. My most used one that springs to my mind is Mac-Lady Danger (If all these are Mac don't get mad!). A cheaper option is probably ELF matte lip colour in Rich Red, more of a blue toned red!

Favourite Pink Lipstick
This is a tough one. (I had to leave this and come back at the end lol) Does liquid lipstick count? I love Topshop's lip varnish in Field day, I've mentioned it loads! Pink Noveau is my first Mac lipstick I've bought, it will always be in my heart haha.

Favourite Nude Lipstick
MAC's CREME CUP. AMEN. Best lipstick ever. My go to one, always looks good. Especially in my little lip trio of go to products which unveil as we go.

Best Luxury Lipstick
Chanel Rouge Allure 91 Seduisante. The packaging is beautiful as is everything about the lipstick. Formula is lovely, colour is just a little more pink than an nude. Easy to wear, exactly what you want when you pay that much!

Best MAC lipstick
Mac lipsticks are clearly my favourite. They are my go to brand, I rarely look anywhere else! It's easier to make a list : Creme cup, angel, cyber, Rebel, Pink Noveau, On Hold, Bombshell, Ravishing, Russian Red, Impassioned (Them all really lol).

Favourite gloss
At the start I didn't get on well with this but it's Mac's Lipglass in Florabundance. It's a really nude colour, but in my trio with creme cup and the lip liner (question coming up!) It is amazingggggg! My second fav is Chanel's 104 if I'm after something sparkly, because this is the MOTHER of all sparkle. Beaut.

Favourite Spring/Summer shade
Topshop's Lip Varnish in Fun & Games! AMAZING peachy orange. I love it. I also love the bright purple in High Times.

Favourite Autumn/Winter shade
100% Mac's Rebel and Mac's Cyber. Super bold, dark and amazing!

Lip liner: yes or no?
YESSS!! Mac's Spice Lipliner is my holy grail and completes my trio of my favourite lip. Spice, Creme Cup and Florabundance create the most perfect, pouty, nude lip! And I need all 3 together for the perfect look. I could not live without this liner. It's the perfect colour for drawing your lips fuller (which I do) and still looks as natural as possible! I might do a post on this showing how I do the lip, because I love it so much.

Sorry this was so Mac heavy, but hey you can't deny what's tried and tested. Their lip products are the best thing from the brand!

Thanks for reading xoxo

Monday, 4 August 2014

My Everyday Foundation and Concealer | Base Products

Bare Minerals Ready Foundation Shade R250 (Summer Shade) £25
Mac Select Cover Up Concealer NC20 £15.50
ELF Stipple Brush £3.95
ELF Small Stipple Brush £3.95
( - They usually do 50% off all products, look out for these offers!)

I feel like I am in a good position for recommending good products, saying as I have tried nearly everything on the market. But also foundation and concealer is a big personal preference but if you feel you have similar skin to me and makeup taste to me, give these a go. 

Firstly, I have sensitive skin, if it comes into contact with a lot of nasty chemicals, or I don't look after it, I will definitely get a breakout of spots. I also get oily through my t-zone. Speaking in layman's terms, I would say it's combination. I do not like really dewy looking foundation, but I don't like really matte, something natural and inbetween both looks is perfect.

Obviously, I love liquid foundation but I really only wear it the odd time, maybe on a night out. I much prefer mineral makeup (Not because I have worked for Bare Minerals, cause I don't anymore. But because I've used it for years.) I like how it sits on the skin, it feels light but I get the coverage I want, (the most asked question!! Yes it covers) I can touch my face and it doesn't imprint off and I know it's not going to break me out.

Before I apply my foundation (after moisturizing and priming) I like to conceal with the Mac Select Cover Up concealer. I pop about half a pea size on the back of my hand (you hardly need anything) and dip my small stipple brush in, applying it under my eyes, around my nose and on any blemishes. I love this concealer cause it's easy to work with, not too dry or moisturizing and it covers amazing (it sets once it's dry so it doesn't move). I like to conceal first because this means you do not waste any foundation as you only need it to even your face out, not to cover. 

The Bare Minerals Ready foundation is hated by many, but I feel I have cracked it, its the brush you apply it with. I apply it with quite a loose, fluffy stipple brush and this lessens the impact and coverage, giving you more of a natural look. This brush takes away any 'cakey' look and you can buff in the product for a flawless look. A little product goes a long way, I maybe dip about 3 times lightly for a full face. (It's hugely important that you are gentle with this product as it can get wasted and come loose very easy). If you use the Bare Minerals brush designed with this foundation it will give you HEAVY coverage which tends to sit in fine lines, pores and generally not look great. (This brush is awesome with any liquid foundation, so don't fret if you do have it, I do aswell lol!). It probably takes me about a minute to do my foundation which is pretty amazing. It lasts all day and I don't powder/touch up throughout the day.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you've tried any of these products?