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Monday, 4 August 2014

My Everyday Foundation and Concealer | Base Products

Bare Minerals Ready Foundation Shade R250 (Summer Shade) £25
Mac Select Cover Up Concealer NC20 £15.50
ELF Stipple Brush £3.95
ELF Small Stipple Brush £3.95
( - They usually do 50% off all products, look out for these offers!)

I feel like I am in a good position for recommending good products, saying as I have tried nearly everything on the market. But also foundation and concealer is a big personal preference but if you feel you have similar skin to me and makeup taste to me, give these a go. 

Firstly, I have sensitive skin, if it comes into contact with a lot of nasty chemicals, or I don't look after it, I will definitely get a breakout of spots. I also get oily through my t-zone. Speaking in layman's terms, I would say it's combination. I do not like really dewy looking foundation, but I don't like really matte, something natural and inbetween both looks is perfect.

Obviously, I love liquid foundation but I really only wear it the odd time, maybe on a night out. I much prefer mineral makeup (Not because I have worked for Bare Minerals, cause I don't anymore. But because I've used it for years.) I like how it sits on the skin, it feels light but I get the coverage I want, (the most asked question!! Yes it covers) I can touch my face and it doesn't imprint off and I know it's not going to break me out.

Before I apply my foundation (after moisturizing and priming) I like to conceal with the Mac Select Cover Up concealer. I pop about half a pea size on the back of my hand (you hardly need anything) and dip my small stipple brush in, applying it under my eyes, around my nose and on any blemishes. I love this concealer cause it's easy to work with, not too dry or moisturizing and it covers amazing (it sets once it's dry so it doesn't move). I like to conceal first because this means you do not waste any foundation as you only need it to even your face out, not to cover. 

The Bare Minerals Ready foundation is hated by many, but I feel I have cracked it, its the brush you apply it with. I apply it with quite a loose, fluffy stipple brush and this lessens the impact and coverage, giving you more of a natural look. This brush takes away any 'cakey' look and you can buff in the product for a flawless look. A little product goes a long way, I maybe dip about 3 times lightly for a full face. (It's hugely important that you are gentle with this product as it can get wasted and come loose very easy). If you use the Bare Minerals brush designed with this foundation it will give you HEAVY coverage which tends to sit in fine lines, pores and generally not look great. (This brush is awesome with any liquid foundation, so don't fret if you do have it, I do aswell lol!). It probably takes me about a minute to do my foundation which is pretty amazing. It lasts all day and I don't powder/touch up throughout the day.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you've tried any of these products? 


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