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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Elf Haul | 50% Offer

When elf put up a 50%  off everything code for the weekend, I couldn't really resist! I would definitely like their facebook page because they regularly post offers that I never really buy from them normally now.

Lip stain in Birthday Suit £1.88 Matt Lip Colour in Coral £1.88

Luscious liquid lipstick in Baby Lips 75p (Bargain!) and same as above without packaging

Cream Blush (this is huge!!) in heart breaker £3.25

Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 in mellow melon £1.88

(To show the size differences)

Cream eyeliner in gold £1.88 (I think this is the 'dud' of the haul, its really dry and the colour seems more green but the pigmentation is crappy anyways) Pigment eyeshadow in golden goddess £1.88

Elf complexion  brush cruelty free and bamboo handle £2.75
Sooo soft and amazing quality, already purchasing the rest in my head! haha.

Let me know if any of you took advantage of this code and got anything or if you've tried any of these products! Loving everything so far apart from the cream eyeshadow! My favourites are the brush and the matt lip colour! xxx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

FOTD | Another Everyday Look

Nothing overly exciting about this look, just another everyday look using some different products that I love. Everything neutral and natural colours!

Products used:

Wet & Wild Cream Foundation
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer
Mac Creme Blush in Something Special
Mua Bronzer Shade 3
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade

Mac Paint Pot in Bare study
Elf mineral pigment in Golden Goddess (love it!!! Very like Mac's woodwinked eyeshadow & brings out blue eyes)
Elf gel liner in black
Clinique High impact Mascara
Elf brow kit in Blonde

Elf lip balm in Mellow Melon
Elf matte lip colour in coral (more a nude colour!)

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

More Mac Purchases

Lightscapade £21.50

Supernova £19

I purchased these online last week and only got them now, Mac's postage is always quite slow for some reason. But what I got was worth the wait, picked up the mineralize skinfinish in lightscapade and the mineralize blush in supernova. I can already tell lightscapade is going to my everyday highlighter, it's so much more refined and there's absolutely no chunky pieces of glitter in it like the usual skinfinishes, it's much more subtle and gorgeous. Supernova was a bit of an impulse buy and in reality I bought it because it looks so pretty haha, I don't usually wear pink blush because it can make me look really dolly-like with my blonde hair, but I was presently surprised when I wore it today, loving it too!

Would definitely recommend both these if you like them, worth the money!

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Makeup Purchases | Mac & Topshop

I was working on set in Belfast the past few days and actually got to pick up a few things I've been meaning to in ages. The really annoying thing, (as far as I'm aware of) is that the closest Mac to me is in Belfast which is over an hour on the train away. So annoying and to top it off I always get the WORST costumer service, to the point that I have now decided I will only ever order online. I also finally picked up my first topshop cream blush because annoying the Belfast topshop is the only one that stocks the makeup. Unfortunately the stand was grubby and disgusting with lots of teenage girls putting there faces of makeup on using the testers, hence why I only picked up one thing. Not a great shopping experience to say the least.

(I 'back to mac'ed' for these two lipsticks normally £13 each)
On hold & Bombshell
Mac Cremeblend blush Something special £17
Topshop cream blush Neon Rose £6

On hold is now my new favourite red lipstick! It's not drying and as high maintenance as any of my others because its the cremesheen formula, would definitely recommend it. This also doesn't effect it's staying power!

Bombshell is the frost formula which means it has quite alot of shimmer (hence the flashback in the photo below, sorry!) It's a really nice everyday pink that would suit everyone!

Picked this up on a whim and I'm in love with it, doesn't feel greasy or anything on the skin, lasts well and I love the colour!

Have only tried this out on my hand but I only read feel the need to buy all the rest of the shades, haha!

Trying to get a picture of these blushes swatched was a nightmare, this is best I could do but they are much more pigmented in real life, but this will give you an idea of the colours, just brighter!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you've tried any of these products and your thoughts! xoxo

Monday, 9 July 2012

Dolly Mixture Haul | Beauty, Nails & Fashion

Today was my day off from the salon, so I decided to pop to the shops with my mother dearest. I didn't go for anything in particular but here's what I got, mostly beauty products..

I'm obsessed with the colour orange at the moment, I didn't want to commit to a bright orange lipstick yet (was thinking morange from mac but it may just be a phase and I might hate it) so I bought this bright orange mua pencil which apparently is an eyeliner, what?! But I'm just going to use it on my lips, I'm sure it will be fine. I'm probably the last person to pick up a sleek pout paint but I finally did after looking at them on many occasions. I picked up 156 peachy keen, which hopefully will look lovely blended over the pencil for a more toned down look.

This must be a new product from Collection 2000, £4.99 for a gel liner so I decided to pick it up, hopefully it's good.

After all the hype I decided to pick up the impress nails (they where only £5 something from savers, boots etc are £9ish) and also they nail art sticker type things, my friend nail glued hers on and they lasted amazingly so I'm going to do that too!

There doing the £5 pound vouchers for No7 so I picked up this cleansing water for normal/oily skin, 1st time using a cleansing water. Excited to try it tonight! (I paid £4 with the voucher!)

Been meaning to try out a Violet shampoo for ages to take out the brassy tones of my hair and found this one for only £1.99 in savers!

Assessorize has a have price sale on and I got this cute hamsa hand necklace for only £2, it's so dainty!

My camera has really diluted the colour it's much more mint in real life! Picked up this top from the river island sale for only £7 :)

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

St.Tropez | Everyday face gradual tanner

I've had this for around 2-3 weeks now and I've been using it before bed to give my face a little colour and also it works well as a moisturiser around three times a week. I know it says to use this daily but I don't because I don't I honestly don't need it, I only want to build up a slight colour because my face is uber pale compared to my body! I'm always a bit wary trying face tanners, every single one I've tried before have made me break out, but they were all from Superdrug or cheaper brands. Surprisingly this one hasn't thank goodness, but the only negative I think of is that it is heavily scented with the usual St.tropez scent. It sort of gave me a headache the first time I used it because I applied quite alot, but this doesn't bother me I'm fine with it now. I suppose I'm just used to it now. I got this in a shop called Savers, I'm sure it's all over the UK and it's basically like Superdrug etc and it was only £7.99 so look out for it in there, I've never seen it as cheap. It also comes in medium to dark for naturally darker skinned people or if you want a darker tan.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Clarins Satin Finish Body Oil

I think my mum got this in a Clarins set and a couple of months ago I spotted it in the bathroom cupboard. I'm now three quarters through the bottle and I love it. Now this product is definately not an everyday product but more a 'I wana treat myself' luxury product. I'm not going to start attempting to describe the scent more but it's non offensive, light and maybe woody smelling (Please don't let that put you off). I've also read that a lot of women use this as their fragrance because it lasts very well on this skin, which I agree.
I love wearing this on a special occasion say a night out and I want to smell especially good or if my skin is feeling very dry (I was peeling for holidays and this was a saviour). It doesn't leave an oily texture on the skin and you use very little for silky, hydrated skin.
Love this product so much that I thought it deserved a little rave! P.s I do know its very expensive, around the £30 mark and I was very lucky to get this for free from my mother haha but it is worth the money if your looking to treat yourself!

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Face Of The Day | Mostly Drugstore

I didn't purposely set out to use all cheaper products bar two I think but it just worked out that way, but happy days for all of us!

Face Products:
I used a sample of the Maybelline BB cream the I got with my ASOS order (its really natural and buildable, the coverage is light but I always use a good concealer where I need it! So far I want to buy it but I will see how it lasts, this is in shade light too)
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in light
MUA bronzer in shade 3
Coastal scents blush palette (a peachy pink colour)

Mac Bare study paint pot
Bobbi Pin eyeshadows (boots brand)
Mua Malt chocolate pencil
elf gel eyeliner black
Mua Blonde brow pencil
Clinique High Impact Mascara

Natural Collection lipstick Rose Petal
H&M lipgloss a nude one? nameless!

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Recent Weekend Purchases

I popped into boots the other day and made a sort of impulse buy, I've never tried this brand but I'm easily swayed by a special offer. Both these Vitamin E creams (day and night) were only £4 for both! I only used them last night and this morning and so far so good, they spell gorgeous and fresh and are a light texture. Not to heavy for my combination skin (they say for all skin types but they wouldn't suit overly oily skin).

I was also in Superdrug today and I picked up these two pencils from the MUA stand. Both a pound each, bargin. I love the eyeliner it's a lovely warm brown which I think goes well with my blue eyes and I plan to wear this smudged along my bottom lash line. I also picked up this blonde brow pencil, never seen them before but I'm excited to try it out and the colour seems a good match!

I also picked up this Sally Hanson cuticle oil in TK Maxx because I got gel nails on for my holidays 3 weeks ago, they lasted well and I love them but naturally my nails are in horrible condition, weak and peel but now after the gels, my nails are AWFUL! Hopefully this oil will help!

Picked up this top in the H&M sale, usually its all rubbish or big sizes but with these types of tops I can get away with a couple of sizes bigger and then wear it with leggings!

I also got this cute passport cover from TK Maxx, it's so cute!