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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

More Mac Purchases

Lightscapade £21.50

Supernova £19

I purchased these online last week and only got them now, Mac's postage is always quite slow for some reason. But what I got was worth the wait, picked up the mineralize skinfinish in lightscapade and the mineralize blush in supernova. I can already tell lightscapade is going to my everyday highlighter, it's so much more refined and there's absolutely no chunky pieces of glitter in it like the usual skinfinishes, it's much more subtle and gorgeous. Supernova was a bit of an impulse buy and in reality I bought it because it looks so pretty haha, I don't usually wear pink blush because it can make me look really dolly-like with my blonde hair, but I was presently surprised when I wore it today, loving it too!

Would definitely recommend both these if you like them, worth the money!

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  1. Supernova looks amazing! Lovely haul :) xx

  2. ooooh, i love the look of supernova! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  3. I really wanted supernova but thought it'd be way too pink! I think you convinced me to give in and buy it! haha

  4. I love he highlighter, that is such a gorgeous color.
    - Keyta x

  5. The highlighter looks like the perfect colour! I'm on the prowl for a new highlighter, so I may have to just take the plunge!
    Lovely blog :)

    Sam xx

  6. supernova is so pretty! cute blog girl :)

  7. Wow they look so gorgeous, especially love the look of supernova x

  8. These look amazing! That highlighter looks absolutely gorgeous, made me want to get both now!! x