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Sunday, 8 July 2012

St.Tropez | Everyday face gradual tanner

I've had this for around 2-3 weeks now and I've been using it before bed to give my face a little colour and also it works well as a moisturiser around three times a week. I know it says to use this daily but I don't because I don't I honestly don't need it, I only want to build up a slight colour because my face is uber pale compared to my body! I'm always a bit wary trying face tanners, every single one I've tried before have made me break out, but they were all from Superdrug or cheaper brands. Surprisingly this one hasn't thank goodness, but the only negative I think of is that it is heavily scented with the usual St.tropez scent. It sort of gave me a headache the first time I used it because I applied quite alot, but this doesn't bother me I'm fine with it now. I suppose I'm just used to it now. I got this in a shop called Savers, I'm sure it's all over the UK and it's basically like Superdrug etc and it was only £7.99 so look out for it in there, I've never seen it as cheap. It also comes in medium to dark for naturally darker skinned people or if you want a darker tan.

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  1. I've been looking for a new facial tanner as my Xen Tan is running low. Think I'll pop in to Savers to see if they have any! x

    1. yeah I would especially for the price! xo

  2. Oh wow, lovely review. I think I need to try this out :)


  3. p.s guys i looked at boots and this was £15!! so bargin! xx