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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Best of Beauty Christmas Haul

Well christmas is over which is so sad! However to cheer you all up heres a few makeup bits that I got for christmas.. that maybe you all could sneakily find in the sales!

This palette is by blush cosmetics and is from amazon. The colour range is amazing I could literally just stare at it haha. Colours are soooo much brighter in real life! Pigmentation is also much better than I was expecting! Can't wait to play and create some looks with this.

 This is coastal scents blush palette (colours are also a bit more vibrant in real life) I am also in love with this! Pigmentation is great and some are matte and some are satin finish, if you are familiar with mac terms.

Mac eyeshadow in Patina
Mac eyeshadow in BeautyMarked

Mac Paint Pot in bare study.. Urban decays primer potion has been firmly replaced!

Calvin Klein cream eyeshadow in bare silk. I've been using this as my highlight for my cheekbones, brow bone and inner corners and oh my this is gorrrrrrgeous!! If you can find this in the sales, you need it!

This is one of the new type of mac lipsticks called sheen supreme and this one is in the shade bare again. To be honest this is just my lip colour in a lipstick but it is amazing for its moisturising qualities. Will definately be trying out a few different shades!

Thanks for reading xxx