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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Body Art

(Behind the scenes)

I was so excited for this assessment, I love getting to do things I have no experience in and testing myself. I am in it because this is my passion and  I want to give myself more opportunities in doing what I love. I would never have taken a body art job before this as I had no experience in it, until now. As I enjoy all things arty, I loved this. I made the whole costume and the headpiece (which took bloody forrrrrever, sewing a million leaves, good one becca...) On the day of this assessment, Karma was against me, because this is not how any of my design was meant to look. Three airbrush guns broke on me, the most unreliable machines ever (where was my dad?!) and I ended up with no time left and literally was just hand painting whatever. Not really great but I am pleased, I problem solved and did my best. Photography and the moodiness of the final images also help. Maybe some day I will recreate the awesome design I planned for but ah well. 

Hope this inspires some of you, there really aren't that many body art pictures to search through online. Also if anyone is really interested watch the show 'Naked Vegas' it is a reality show following body artists, amazing!

Thanks for reading xoxo

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Black Lips | Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup Look

I think everyone is a little obsessed with Kylie Jenner at the moment. I am loving her edgy style and she keeps sporting a black lip with usually a bronze coloured eye which inspired me to try out this out today, I know this won't be everyone's cup of tea but it's just something new to look at even if you wouldn't try it. (She just posted another instagram of it yesterday also).

What I used to create my look:

Face Products - Bare Minerals Ready Foundation in R250
NC20 Mac Select Cover up concealer (For under eyes and blemishes)
Dior Bronze in 002 Honey tan (To warm up the face)
Lancome Blush palette in 02 Nectar Lace (contour, blush and highlight)

Brows- Mac Brow Pencil in Fling and Lingering

Eyes- Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study
Eyeshadows- Mac woodwinked, Cork and Shroom
Eyeliner- Elf cream liner in black
Mascara- Lancome Hypnose 

Finally the most important aspect, LIPS-
(I overlined my lips slightly to follow her style)
Mac Eye kohl in smolder as lip liner (super soft and easy to use)
Topshop Velvet Lips in Raven (Amazing pigmentation and not to dry on the lips, you want it to be velvet or matte so it doesn't smudge, otherwise it would be too hard to wear!)

Kylies Look

Let me know what you think of black lips? Too crazy? Thanks for reading! xox

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Playing with colour..again! | Green and Yellow

Buying the Mac Pro paint pot in primary yellow has inspired my love for yellows and greens on the eye. Before buying this base nothing looked as vibrant which always put me off. For the actual eyeshadows I used one of those trusty '100 eyeshadow' palettes from amazon/ebay. Literally the best palette ever for colours and I am guessing I paid next to nothing for it compared to high end eyeshadow palettes. (Was years ago, so just google! But be careful some can be really bad pigment if they are the cheapest).

On my lips is my favourite nude combination, Mac Spice lipliner with Creme cup lipstick. I can't lie I do love Mac lip products the best. 

This look is also great for the summer, I wore a version of this for my second day at park life festival!

Thanks for reading xoox

Monday, 16 June 2014

Wounding.. my friends | Special effects Makeup

Just more of the simple stuff. I now have a lot of time for my blog, uni is finished! I have accumulated many pictures from throughout the year that I was too busy to post about. I like to document everything on here, my posts help me see everything a lot more clearly and it is like a diary for me. You guys still search for me so I figure why not, hopefully these are not too dull. 

Playing around with silicones, probably my favourite medium to work with, blends super easy. There isn't really a story to this makeup, I was literally just playing here and there with no thought. I think the would around the eye looks the most realistic. 

Get used to this little face, we are moving in together in a few weeks. More of the same, Poppy kindly being my model. Nothing particularly special about these looks, or anything I am truly happy with, just playing around. I think I used wax for all of this, back to basics.  

Thanks for reading! Also I changed my blog name back to 'BECCASBEAUTYSPOT.BLOGSPOT.COM' as I found a lot of you could not find me anymore! I guess that will have to stick because I've been doing this too long! xoxox

Friday, 6 June 2014

Mixing up my Favs | Topshop Makeup

Still haven't got bored of wearing colour obviously.. Haha.

People always ask me 'oh where were you going with this look?' The funny thing is I love makeup so much, I tend to do something crazy like this everyday now. The orange is the same Topshop eyeshadow as before, the silver in the inner corner is a mac pigment (was limited edition) but try any silver, its more about playing with colour and placing them differently than usual. Lips is also Topshop, in the colour straight ace. Any one from around me check out the makeup section in the Belfast Topshop, so far it's the only one that stocks it. 

Word on the street is that Mac also make Topshop makeup.. I can definitely see that in the quality. Cheaper too which is a plus. 

Let me know what you think of this look? Thanks for reading! xoxox