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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Playing with colour..again! | Green and Yellow

Buying the Mac Pro paint pot in primary yellow has inspired my love for yellows and greens on the eye. Before buying this base nothing looked as vibrant which always put me off. For the actual eyeshadows I used one of those trusty '100 eyeshadow' palettes from amazon/ebay. Literally the best palette ever for colours and I am guessing I paid next to nothing for it compared to high end eyeshadow palettes. (Was years ago, so just google! But be careful some can be really bad pigment if they are the cheapest).

On my lips is my favourite nude combination, Mac Spice lipliner with Creme cup lipstick. I can't lie I do love Mac lip products the best. 

This look is also great for the summer, I wore a version of this for my second day at park life festival!

Thanks for reading xoox

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