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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Clearing Out the 'Duds' | Foundations & Concealers

Every once in a while (more often than I'd really like to admit to myself) I take a look at my 'everyday makeup' (everything but my professional kit) and think things have got out of hand!
Even I think this is way too excessive for one person, who needs to have eight foundations on the go, along with five concealers. Which leads me on to clearing out the 'duds' that don't work for me or that something else is just plainly a lot better and it doesn't excite me. I don't obviously throw them out, I usually pass them off to family members.
I am going to rate all these products by preference, remember this is always personal!
My Favourite Foundations:
1.Mac Prolongwear, Mac Studio Studio fix & Mac Studio Sculpt ( I have them all different shades, for whatever colour I am, very tanned, tanned, uber pale.. girl problems, but I'm big into mixing them and foundations in general, very rarely is a shade correct!)
2.Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions, good coverage and great for oily skin.
My 'I probably won't buy these again but I still recommend them' Foundations:
1.Boujois Healthy Mix, glowy and nice coverage, absolutely no faults, have nearly finished this.
2. Illamasqua Rich Liquid, amazing coverage but I only use then when I'm partying so for the amount I'm able to use it, it's not worth the money, but there is literally no other foundation like it, if you want FLAWLESS skin.
3. Rimmel Wake me up, I think Rimmel has one of the best selection of 'drugstore' foundations, great coverage and a nice dewy formula!
4.Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Compact, a nice product, not an astounding one! Does what it's meant too and that's about all I can say.
The 'Duds'
1. The Maybelline fit me foundation is one of the worst formula's I've tried in a while, I honestly think it's more water then anything, no coverage, do not buy!
2. Nivea BB cream, something about the formula applies quite blotchy/hard to work with and as for the shade light, I would definitely call it medium plus.
My Favourite Concealers:
1.Collection 2000 lasting perfection, nothing will beat this and it seems everybody else agrees because shade 2 is always sold out.. annoying!
2.Collection 2000 Illuminating touch concealer, great coverage and it does exactly what it says for under the eyes, very brightening.
3.Mac Studio finish concealer, amazing for spots and blemishes!
The 'Dud'
1.Rimmel wake me up concealer, not great coverage and far to thin for a concealer, a small dot blends half way cross your face to almost nothing! Not worth the money.
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Friday, 22 March 2013

Mostly Mac | FOTD

My current job is pretty boring and it calls for absolute no thoughts over how I look, as most of the day I am on my own. Unfortunately this means my makeup and clothes are getting neglected everyday bar the weekend! It's depressing really for a beauty/shopaholic junkie like me! But Saturday mornings getting ready have become a little slice of heaven. I love nothing more than pattering about trying new beauty creams and new products, taking my time and listening to some music.
So this was last Saturday. Nothing too heavy or crazy for the daytime or even remotely exciting but here you go..
Mac Prolongwear foundation nw25 & Mac Studio fix nc20 (Mixed, totally unnecessary)
Mac Studio finish concealer nw20
Stila bronzer
Mac Cream blush something special
Mac Mineralize skinfinish in light medium
Mac Fling Brow Pencil (Holy Grail Product!!)
Mac bare study paint pot
Mac cranberry eyeshadow
Collection 2000 gel liner
LancĂ´me Doll Eyes Mascara
Rimmel Apocolips Nude Eclipse (Go out and buy this now, the best nude lip ever, glossy and pigmented! I've always hated nudes because they were drying, I am now converted! Might actually go buy a back up actually haha.)
Let me know if you like or use any of these products! Thanks for reading, please follow for more :) xoxo