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Monday, 9 August 2010

Face and hair OTD

Hairs in a curly naatural state! I think i like it :S but it cant be trusted to always turn out nice lol

On my face im wearing:

Dior Bronze 002 Honey Tan
Mac Studio Finish concealer
Lancaster Cool shimmer blush in natural


Half baked & twice baked & Oil slick Urban Decay Eyeshadow
High lighter- mac shroom
Clinique high impact curling mascara 01 black


Lancaster Lip Varations 003 (its a little lip duo compact) Coral Colour

And.. some snappies from my backgarden!! Im going to miss summer so bad... :(

Heres my baby, Hes a Kerry Blue (1 and some months old) Called Billy!

Comment and follow thanks guys xxxxxx

Friday, 6 August 2010

Makeup Obsessions of the moment!

hello everyone! Long time no see i guess :/ I don't know how you bloggers do it, anyways its summer and im not going to apologise! haha!

So firstly excuse my shitty photos but i think they'll have to do, for now anyways! These are some products Im loving and currrently cannot live without omgggg blahdeblaaaah!

Hope you guys like, please comment, oh and Im always open if you have any recommendations!

Here we go, ciao!

Im loving Lancaster (you might notice! lol I actually bought the whole 'Infinite bronze' collection oops! but these are the besties from it!) Below is the 'Beauty Escape 5-in-1 Powder Compact and it is awesome!! 2 Blushes (matt), a contour powder (matt) and 2 bronzers (matt + shimmer)! What more could you want......LOVE!

Cute Packaging??

And then more Lancaster... this is the Cool shimmer Blush in 'natural'.. which basically is a gorgeous creamy neautral toned/ bronzey blush with gold shimmer! Beaaaautiful for summer... oh and i also tried this out as an eyeshadow base! Worked wonders!

You will not believe how silky and creamy it is!

Estee Lauder Signature Satin Creme Blush
06 Pink Light

Not as creamy but isnt the colour uberrrrrr yummy?? Perfect for a healthy blush or even the doll look!

I am not realising all these products are face products! oops! Anyways.. this is another everyday gorrrrrrgeous bronzing product! It is the christian dior Bronzer, in 002 honey tan!

Messy?? Nahh, well loved! haha.. Iv been using EVERYDAY :)

What another Lancaster? Yup! This is the 'easy face bronzer brush' snappy! not.. in 002 Sunny!
This product is amazing and when I use it the need for foundation drops an awful lot, great for summer! It is basically a liquid bronzer! I apply this all over my face and then I add foundation down the middle of my face (problem area) and im good to go! I love it and I don't feel cakey or that my face is weighing down! lol

Last but not least my trusty mac 187 ( dirrrrty and out of shape in the photo =loved :)
Perfect for stippling foundation, and blending for a flawless face!

Ciao Darlings! xxxxxx

Friday, 18 June 2010

Oh how i love holidays!

heyy everyone! Thought you might enjoy a few snaps of my well-enjoyed holiday! I wana go back boo! Tell me what you think ;) xxxxx

P.s i went to Gran Canaria & stayed at the Suite Princess!

I love yous!!!! xxxxxx

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Summer MakeUp... Embrace it or Cake it?

Im not afraid to admit it, yes I am a complete makeup addict, Its my addiction, my drug... my passion! But what do we do in the summer? Wear the same amount and let it gradually sweat of our faces.   Not a good look!

To get to the point of this post is to show you all my face for the summer! Im trying to embrace my inner beauty and cut back a lot until who knows where it leads me?

But this summer, no eyeshadow, no eyeliner, no blush

Only a little bit of mascara, a little bit of foundation and some bronzer... Lipgloss is a necessity though!
No I don't have super clear skin, spots galore & red pigments.. Oh and lets not forget the breakout of freckles when I just step out into the sun! But you know what its time to embrace it!

whos joining me? Lets give it a go and let our skin breathe this summer :)

Good idea girls?


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cheetah Print + Gloss!

Hey everyone!!

Is everyone well? So this is my nail of the week... a cheetah print inspired style using a navy, hot pink and a baby pink/lilac :)

The Lipgloss im obsessed with atm is Coral Reef by Revlon and its on trend for the summer girlies as coral will be BIG! So get out a grab this....

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Fav lip of the moment!

Im getting blog happy today :) Hey cuties!!
Lips are such a diverse thing, there are so many looks from day to night, crazy or subtle...whatever floats your boat at that certain time! Well at the moment im crazy busy in my life and I honestly dont have much time to try out new looks, what Ive really been after is just something i can throw on, that will look good and i dont have to think much about!
And here it is....
Products Iv been love love loving and using are:
Step 1. Derma Intensive Aloe Vera- for my dry lips
Step 2. Mac Frost lipstick in Angel- subtle natural pink
Step 3. Victoria Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss, doesnt have a name or code but its pink and cream and tastes yummmmy.. strawberries and cream !! (My friend brought me this back from new york if your wondering!)

thankies, comment request and follow :) xxxxxx

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Nail of the week :)

heyy everyone :) Since my nails were in really bad condition, primarily they peel.. does anyone else have that problem? Or know of any good products to fix this? You'd be a total lifesaver! So anyways, i had grown my nails long, but they were just sooo weak i had to cut them short, this is the shortest theyv ever been! Boo! But the damage has been done and to make up for it I did this really cute design... Pink all over the nail and then blue spots towards the end in the french manicure-esque style! haha..

I thought they were quite cute and i got quite a few compliments because they were so unique! Hope this gave you some ideas on how to jazz up your nails for the summer!

P.s i couldnt deal with it, im currently wearing acrylics :0 naughty! haha

laters dolls xxxxxx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Make up looks im loving!

Hola chicas! Buenas dias que tal?

Anyways enough of the espanol.. Heres a few inspiring women.. all beautiful in their own way and all sporting a few makeup looks i am loving atm, all quite similiar i know i know!

But check them out and leave a wee comment below naming the one you would like me to recreate :)

love yas byess xxxxx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My Perfume Collection

Heya Dolls! Feels like a little bit since iv done a post so here i am with my perfume collection! Iv been busy with the usual for everyone Im sure, School, work and general socialising! haha..

Feel free to nosey & comment! :)

Warning Picture heavy.. as usual...oh its probably safe to say I have figured out I am rubbish at describing smells!

How beautiful is the bottle? Like omg haha. This is Nina Ricci 'L'Air gu Temps'..Smells really light and fresh!

Lacoste 'Dream of Pink'.. Very cute name! I tend to grab this one everyday, its sweet and girly and I usually forget im wearing it! This is good as ultra strong perfumes can give me a headache.

Ralph Lauren 'Notorious' This is my fav perfume as you can see its I just finished it, boo! The scent is hard to describe, musky but womanly (not a sweetish scent though)! I would defo check this out.

Kylie Minogue 'Couture' I am not the biggest fan, there is just something about it that I really like but there is an underlying scent that i dont! confused yet?? ha.. The scent is really light and girly.. But also theres just something unfamiliar about it!

Calvin Klein 'Eternity' If you like strong scented perfumes this is the one for you, lasts all day and has a very womanly floral scent

Anna Sui 'Dolly Girl' This is my only super fruity perfume, it is light and great for the summer!

Britney Spears 'Fantasy'.. ashamed but absolutely love the fragrance! A coconut'y sweet sickly scent that just really appeals to me.. and its my bfs fav! haha.. so don't shy away from the whole 'Britney Spears' label ladies!

And again Britney Spears 'Curious' I did not buy this perfume but i do like it. It is a more unusal musky fruity perfume! Still girly but on no level is it similiar to fantasy!
Oscar de la Renta 'Infusion' This has a very strong fruity scent and leaves you smelling more fresh and light than the girly sweet sort of perfume..
I would love some feedback on some posts you would like me to do in the future!! For example, Make up looks, clothing related posts- OOTD, personal posts about myself... anything! Please comment below.. thankies