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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Nail of the week :)

heyy everyone :) Since my nails were in really bad condition, primarily they peel.. does anyone else have that problem? Or know of any good products to fix this? You'd be a total lifesaver! So anyways, i had grown my nails long, but they were just sooo weak i had to cut them short, this is the shortest theyv ever been! Boo! But the damage has been done and to make up for it I did this really cute design... Pink all over the nail and then blue spots towards the end in the french manicure-esque style! haha..

I thought they were quite cute and i got quite a few compliments because they were so unique! Hope this gave you some ideas on how to jazz up your nails for the summer!

P.s i couldnt deal with it, im currently wearing acrylics :0 naughty! haha

laters dolls xxxxxx


  1. wow! your nails look amazing, i wish i could do nail designs like that but i just get the shakes haha! :) x

  2. Love this, so cute!

    I've bee using Nails inc. Hyde park base coat on my weak peely nails that I got in a set and it's really helped, you should try it! I have more info about it here:
    I use it as a base coat every time i paint my nails to.


  3. Those are adorable! Such a neat idea

  4. I have bad nails too except instead of peeling, the tips always chip off =( Your nails looks absolutely adorable here, though!

  5. I looove that it's so cute!! And I used to have the same problem with my nails!! But now I use the revlon 4 step shape and buffer thing that looks like a huge file with different things on the side, and you use all the different sides and it works soo good! My nails never peel and my nail polish lasts longer!

  6. wow so beautiful and original, i really love it, will try it very soon :) thank you very much for sharing^^
    drey jewelry.