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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Fav lip of the moment!

Im getting blog happy today :) Hey cuties!!
Lips are such a diverse thing, there are so many looks from day to night, crazy or subtle...whatever floats your boat at that certain time! Well at the moment im crazy busy in my life and I honestly dont have much time to try out new looks, what Ive really been after is just something i can throw on, that will look good and i dont have to think much about!
And here it is....
Products Iv been love love loving and using are:
Step 1. Derma Intensive Aloe Vera- for my dry lips
Step 2. Mac Frost lipstick in Angel- subtle natural pink
Step 3. Victoria Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss, doesnt have a name or code but its pink and cream and tastes yummmmy.. strawberries and cream !! (My friend brought me this back from new york if your wondering!)

thankies, comment request and follow :) xxxxxx


  1. Yess you should youtube! I'm just followed you on here I like your blog it's cute! I would def watch your videos! Check out my new fashion blog
    xoxo Rachel

  2. I followed you back :) Love your blog also!! Ohh well please look out for my YT channel soon babe!! xx

  3. I love Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush glosses, they taste amazing! That's why they don't last long on my lips, I just eat it all :L I got a couple of them last christmas and they're amazing :) I may just have to hunt them down as they're in one of my drawers somewhere :) Thankyou for reminding me how lovely they are :) xx