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Monday, 18 November 2013

Fairytale Assessment | Good Witch from Oz | Black and White

My black in white assessment from last week, keep in mind, I set up studio and do all photography aswell as costume, props, hair and makeup (and never enough time to prep). My concept was the good witch from Oz after she had been in a fight with the wicked witch but with obviously a more modern twist. 

Hope this is some inspiration to some of you! Getting your work photographed is a great way to learn, especially for me as I am very critical of myself! 

Thanks for reading! xox

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dark Lips For Winter | Mac Rebel

My favourite makeup trend for winter is definitely dark lips! Probably brought into fashion mainstream by Rhianna, so many of us are jumping on the band wagon! Do be prepared for endless stares and total confusion from boys, but also lots of compliments from girls who actually get it the look haha! In the above pics I am wearing Rebel my Mac, a dark purple, as I am right infront of my window it does show up black (Lighting not great) but it's not as dark in reality. Topshop and Rimmel do cheaper options if you do not want to commit to the price of Mac especially if you are wary! 

Step outside your comfort zone and try the vamp look!

Thanks for reading xoxo