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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Orange | Makeup Obsession

I have a huge obsession with the colour orange at the moment, as you can probably tell. I swear it's becoming one of those things were I am unintentionally buying everything orange.

Face Makeup: 
Bare Minerals Original Primer
Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Fairly Light
Cheeks Topshop eyeshadow in Long weekend (Same as eyeshadow but a very light dusting, I find doing this helps look tie together)

Mac Pro Paintpot in genuine orange
Topshop eyes Long weekend
Seventeen precision eyeliner pen (Not really a fan, wouldn't repurchase,drying out after a week and pen is a little scratchy!)
Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara

Mac Fling Brow pencil

Topshop Lip Varnish in Fun & Games 

Hope this encourages you to experiment with colour! 

Thanks for reading! xoxo

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Festival/Carnival Summer Makeup


I am obsessed with bright makeup at the moment, just sick of years wearing neutrals and being brainwashed that neutral makeup is or was more acceptable.  

To be honest if you want to wear a really bright blue lip what is stopping you? Makeup is so much more socially accepted now than it ever was. 

These two looks are using all products from my previous UMA haul. The only thing that is different is the mint green eyeshadow in the inner corner which is from an unknown boots palette found randomly in my drawer. I am home at the moment (Northern Ireland) and only have a teeny makeup bag with me and some odds that I left in my drawer, obviously deeming not worthy of taking with me. So I am a bit limited to products, not like usual 5000000000 products of choice, not really much exaggeration in that either.

I used both paint pots on my eyes, yellow all over and the orange blended in my crease and under my eye. First look has Mac's cyan lipmix on, see how much the orange and blue make my eyes stand out? Colour combinations like this really work as they are opposite in colour theory. In the second look I have Topshop's lip varnish on in the shade Fun and Games. I am absolutely obsessed with these, literally just bought another yesterday. I will probably pick up the whole line because they are the perfect liquid lipstick formula, not too wet were they bleed and one swipe to get pure colour. They don't dry either so they stay comfortable on the lips. Around £7 with student discount aswell, £9 normally I think. 

One thing about both looks, I am not a fan of how the Makeup Forever aqua brow photographs, comes off patchy and uneven. Does not look like this in real life. Anyone else found this? But I won't write it off yet after one application! 

Let me know if you like this kind of makeup?

Have a good day! xoxo

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

UMA HAUL | Mac Pro, Makeup forever etc!

Everything I bought at the UMA's in London. Luckily all of this was discounted, the Mac items are from the Pro line for anyone who has a Pro Card!
Obsessed with bright colours and crazy lips at the moment, after years of wearing neutrals, I need a change!

 Mac Pro Lip Mix in Cyan (Comes out this colour pure on lips)

 Primary Yellow and Genuine Orange Paint pots
Paint pots are my favourite mac product, pro or normal line! They never crease and they are so versatile, use as liner or even on the cheeks and lips.

 Makeup Forever Aqua brow, first time buying from this brand as its more available outside the UK. Pity I struggled finding the right colour, this is a little too dark for me but I am making it work for the second half of my brow and using Mac's pencil in fling towards the front for an ombre look. I love the product itself as it sets and is waterproof.

Realistic looking tattoos for a quick fix! They actually come out lovely on the skin and do look real. I would powder them with some translucent powder after to take out the shine, other than that cheap and an awesome product!

 First time trying this brand MUD, cranberry and coppering are my fav MAC eyeshadows and this one is a mix of both! Little bit more fall out than the MAC ones though.

Constantly churning out face charts so thought this would be a handy purchase! 
Two Zoeva eye brushes, both blending styles as you can never have too many! Used them today and they are gorgeous, I will definitely be buying from this brand again.

Thanks for reading! I have a summer look coming up next using some of these products! Have a good day! 

Monday, 7 April 2014

UMA | Expo 2014

I was beyond excited for this trip, not only was it my first time in London but also meeting and watching some of the world's best SFX artist's in the world! Bit of a perfect day all round really, I fell in love with the city too! 

The UMA's are basically like IMATS (a large makeup convention, full of stands, demos and seminars and a chance to meet and be inspired by other artists) but specifically towards special effects, prosthetic art and body painting. 

Who I met and my favourite stands/demos?


Final Look (Courtesy of

To learn a little more about Shaune check out his website
But long story short he is the epic artist behind Harry Potter, Star wars, The Mummy, Captain America, just to name a few. From just watching his demo I felt I learned new techniques and easier ways to layer prosthetics, concealing edges and creating a much more smoother, realistic look! Application is always key!


There is absolutely no denying that these guys are amazing sculptors, the female body sculpted from head to toe was truly creepy and super realistic, I feel like I could have looked at it up close for hours. Looking at all they're work just makes you itching to get back into the studio! 

Some other pictures in and around the convention 

Stay tuned for my next post of everything I bought, the most exciting part haha! 

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