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Monday, 7 April 2014

UMA | Expo 2014

I was beyond excited for this trip, not only was it my first time in London but also meeting and watching some of the world's best SFX artist's in the world! Bit of a perfect day all round really, I fell in love with the city too! 

The UMA's are basically like IMATS (a large makeup convention, full of stands, demos and seminars and a chance to meet and be inspired by other artists) but specifically towards special effects, prosthetic art and body painting. 

Who I met and my favourite stands/demos?


Final Look (Courtesy of

To learn a little more about Shaune check out his website
But long story short he is the epic artist behind Harry Potter, Star wars, The Mummy, Captain America, just to name a few. From just watching his demo I felt I learned new techniques and easier ways to layer prosthetics, concealing edges and creating a much more smoother, realistic look! Application is always key!


There is absolutely no denying that these guys are amazing sculptors, the female body sculpted from head to toe was truly creepy and super realistic, I feel like I could have looked at it up close for hours. Looking at all they're work just makes you itching to get back into the studio! 

Some other pictures in and around the convention 

Stay tuned for my next post of everything I bought, the most exciting part haha! 

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  1. Everything looks amazing! Such great artistry. I love how creepy everything is :)