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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Festival/Carnival Summer Makeup


I am obsessed with bright makeup at the moment, just sick of years wearing neutrals and being brainwashed that neutral makeup is or was more acceptable.  

To be honest if you want to wear a really bright blue lip what is stopping you? Makeup is so much more socially accepted now than it ever was. 

These two looks are using all products from my previous UMA haul. The only thing that is different is the mint green eyeshadow in the inner corner which is from an unknown boots palette found randomly in my drawer. I am home at the moment (Northern Ireland) and only have a teeny makeup bag with me and some odds that I left in my drawer, obviously deeming not worthy of taking with me. So I am a bit limited to products, not like usual 5000000000 products of choice, not really much exaggeration in that either.

I used both paint pots on my eyes, yellow all over and the orange blended in my crease and under my eye. First look has Mac's cyan lipmix on, see how much the orange and blue make my eyes stand out? Colour combinations like this really work as they are opposite in colour theory. In the second look I have Topshop's lip varnish on in the shade Fun and Games. I am absolutely obsessed with these, literally just bought another yesterday. I will probably pick up the whole line because they are the perfect liquid lipstick formula, not too wet were they bleed and one swipe to get pure colour. They don't dry either so they stay comfortable on the lips. Around £7 with student discount aswell, £9 normally I think. 

One thing about both looks, I am not a fan of how the Makeup Forever aqua brow photographs, comes off patchy and uneven. Does not look like this in real life. Anyone else found this? But I won't write it off yet after one application! 

Let me know if you like this kind of makeup?

Have a good day! xoxo


  1. Love the first lip colour! <3

    Ellen xx

  2. I love bright lip colours :D I currently have a challenge as part of another challenge (long story :P) where I wear each of the colours of the rainbow out of the house as lipstick. So far I think I've done red and purple, but I'm dreading yellow and orange as I don't suit them at all! You pulled it off amazingly though, I love both the looks you've done here :D

    ~Becca // :)