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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

UMA HAUL | Mac Pro, Makeup forever etc!

Everything I bought at the UMA's in London. Luckily all of this was discounted, the Mac items are from the Pro line for anyone who has a Pro Card!
Obsessed with bright colours and crazy lips at the moment, after years of wearing neutrals, I need a change!

 Mac Pro Lip Mix in Cyan (Comes out this colour pure on lips)

 Primary Yellow and Genuine Orange Paint pots
Paint pots are my favourite mac product, pro or normal line! They never crease and they are so versatile, use as liner or even on the cheeks and lips.

 Makeup Forever Aqua brow, first time buying from this brand as its more available outside the UK. Pity I struggled finding the right colour, this is a little too dark for me but I am making it work for the second half of my brow and using Mac's pencil in fling towards the front for an ombre look. I love the product itself as it sets and is waterproof.

Realistic looking tattoos for a quick fix! They actually come out lovely on the skin and do look real. I would powder them with some translucent powder after to take out the shine, other than that cheap and an awesome product!

 First time trying this brand MUD, cranberry and coppering are my fav MAC eyeshadows and this one is a mix of both! Little bit more fall out than the MAC ones though.

Constantly churning out face charts so thought this would be a handy purchase! 
Two Zoeva eye brushes, both blending styles as you can never have too many! Used them today and they are gorgeous, I will definitely be buying from this brand again.

Thanks for reading! I have a summer look coming up next using some of these products! Have a good day! 

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