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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Current Obsession | Lush Face Masks

Ain't nobody look good in a face mask selfie, but a blog about face mask's just isn't right without one is it?
(Hence the over editing haha)

My friend Poppy was the one who actually reintroduced me into Lush, I feel it was all the hype when I was around 15. I definitely used to buy their face masks then. But due to a lot of mistreating our bodies (partying lol) we needed a pick me up, skin therapy! 

So far recently I have tried two, the only thing is they are natural and kept in a 'fresh face deli' in store so you have a time limit and have to keep in the fridge before they go off! But I haven't felt such a noticeable difference with a face mask in forever, my skin feels a million times smoother and softer. (The kind were you can't stop touching it, everybody loves that feeling!) I struggle with having an even tone and I feel these helped after as well!

Brazened Honey is a booster to help wake up and stimulate the skin, perfect detox.

Oatifix is a purely nourishing one for dry skin.

Both are amazing for a pick me up!

Let me know what you think of  Lush? Tried any of these?

Thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. I'm positively dying to try a lush face mask, they don't ship them in the states and I don't have one anywhere near me

  2. Awh I hate when these things happen, I live in a small town too and I could never get brands, fingers crossed for next time you travel! x