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Friday, 6 August 2010

Makeup Obsessions of the moment!

hello everyone! Long time no see i guess :/ I don't know how you bloggers do it, anyways its summer and im not going to apologise! haha!

So firstly excuse my shitty photos but i think they'll have to do, for now anyways! These are some products Im loving and currrently cannot live without omgggg blahdeblaaaah!

Hope you guys like, please comment, oh and Im always open if you have any recommendations!

Here we go, ciao!

Im loving Lancaster (you might notice! lol I actually bought the whole 'Infinite bronze' collection oops! but these are the besties from it!) Below is the 'Beauty Escape 5-in-1 Powder Compact and it is awesome!! 2 Blushes (matt), a contour powder (matt) and 2 bronzers (matt + shimmer)! What more could you want......LOVE!

Cute Packaging??

And then more Lancaster... this is the Cool shimmer Blush in 'natural'.. which basically is a gorgeous creamy neautral toned/ bronzey blush with gold shimmer! Beaaaautiful for summer... oh and i also tried this out as an eyeshadow base! Worked wonders!

You will not believe how silky and creamy it is!

Estee Lauder Signature Satin Creme Blush
06 Pink Light

Not as creamy but isnt the colour uberrrrrr yummy?? Perfect for a healthy blush or even the doll look!

I am not realising all these products are face products! oops! Anyways.. this is another everyday gorrrrrrgeous bronzing product! It is the christian dior Bronzer, in 002 honey tan!

Messy?? Nahh, well loved! haha.. Iv been using EVERYDAY :)

What another Lancaster? Yup! This is the 'easy face bronzer brush' snappy! not.. in 002 Sunny!
This product is amazing and when I use it the need for foundation drops an awful lot, great for summer! It is basically a liquid bronzer! I apply this all over my face and then I add foundation down the middle of my face (problem area) and im good to go! I love it and I don't feel cakey or that my face is weighing down! lol

Last but not least my trusty mac 187 ( dirrrrty and out of shape in the photo =loved :)
Perfect for stippling foundation, and blending for a flawless face!

Ciao Darlings! xxxxxx

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