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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My Perfume Collection

Heya Dolls! Feels like a little bit since iv done a post so here i am with my perfume collection! Iv been busy with the usual for everyone Im sure, School, work and general socialising! haha..

Feel free to nosey & comment! :)

Warning Picture heavy.. as usual...oh its probably safe to say I have figured out I am rubbish at describing smells!

How beautiful is the bottle? Like omg haha. This is Nina Ricci 'L'Air gu Temps'..Smells really light and fresh!

Lacoste 'Dream of Pink'.. Very cute name! I tend to grab this one everyday, its sweet and girly and I usually forget im wearing it! This is good as ultra strong perfumes can give me a headache.

Ralph Lauren 'Notorious' This is my fav perfume as you can see its I just finished it, boo! The scent is hard to describe, musky but womanly (not a sweetish scent though)! I would defo check this out.

Kylie Minogue 'Couture' I am not the biggest fan, there is just something about it that I really like but there is an underlying scent that i dont! confused yet?? ha.. The scent is really light and girly.. But also theres just something unfamiliar about it!

Calvin Klein 'Eternity' If you like strong scented perfumes this is the one for you, lasts all day and has a very womanly floral scent

Anna Sui 'Dolly Girl' This is my only super fruity perfume, it is light and great for the summer!

Britney Spears 'Fantasy'.. ashamed but absolutely love the fragrance! A coconut'y sweet sickly scent that just really appeals to me.. and its my bfs fav! haha.. so don't shy away from the whole 'Britney Spears' label ladies!

And again Britney Spears 'Curious' I did not buy this perfume but i do like it. It is a more unusal musky fruity perfume! Still girly but on no level is it similiar to fantasy!
Oscar de la Renta 'Infusion' This has a very strong fruity scent and leaves you smelling more fresh and light than the girly sweet sort of perfume..
I would love some feedback on some posts you would like me to do in the future!! For example, Make up looks, clothing related posts- OOTD, personal posts about myself... anything! Please comment below.. thankies


  1. nothing to be ashamed about liking Britney Spear's perfumes...i totally agree with you,they are lush! if you aren't too sure on Kylie Minogue "Couture", i would definitely recommend checking out her "Sweet Darling" perfume- it's sweet, girly and sooooo nice :)! xxx

  2. Yeah i know, i can honestly say Britneys Spear's perfumes are great, probably better than higher end ones from what i have tried! Awh thanks I will defo try it out! I got that kylie minogue perfume in a set with a moisturizer and i love it!! xxx