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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Nail design..

Sorry i know toes & feet are pretty disgusting.. but thought id show you the cute little nail design I did on my nails earlier.. I used Barry m pure turquoise that i just bought and a black nail art pen.. this was just random and its not very neat, (took around 30secs ha ha)...
Anyone else interested in this kinda thing? I think its really cute aand i like something different because i get bored soo easily! comment below.. xxxxxx


  1. Oh wow, that really stranges and amazing nails!!! I love your funny and chic blog!
    Now I'm your follower, I hope you'll follow me too ;D. See u soon! Xoxo

  2. awhh i know they do look really odd.. but i like that! haha.. thanks so much! xxx

  3. your blog is amazing i need to make mine prettier!! how do i add pretty things lol xx
    I am now following ur blog!! do you make youtube vids too??xxx

  4. No i dont make youtube vids, i would really love too.. but i dont have the guts as of yet :S xxx