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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hair over the years

Most recent, bit longer with purple at the side (which is now gone)

Super duper short (frankie from saturdays style)

Cut up short around one ear, with length at other side

Again Pob without a side fringe

Thee Pob (posh bob)

(backcombing stage? ewwwwww)

Shoulder length and back to blonde! (brown wasnt me!)

Darkest ever.. dark brown with a longer length!

Long, blonde and with a fringe!

I seen this tag a wee while ago and thought it would give some of you some ideas if your getting your hair done.. or its always nice to have a nosey :) piccy heavy as per usual!
I tag everyone as i know i always get bored with my hair and love new ideas! which is your fav?? love yas xxxxxx


  1. aww there all beautiful on you :)
    I love your hair dark, but blonde def suites you.

  2. oooh the dark was really freaky, when i looked in the mirror i didnt reconise myself!! haha but i get bored so i could see it happening again xxxx

  3. haha im so over brown which is why im hoping to go blonde, as I said tho it really suites you!
    Have you done a haircare post? if not I tag youuu :) if you read my recent post you'l see I need some help! :)