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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Mini Clinque haul

Colour surge eyeshadow 'frosted blossom' gorge for spring/summer.. really light shimmer lavender,pink!

Dont be scared.. I didnt actually buy a black lippie.. Its called an 'almost lipstick' and this ones called 'Black Honey'. Really this means they are super duper sheer, this one comes out as a really sheer but moisturizing blackberry red. Its soo glossy!

I was watching one of tanya burr's videos (pixiewoo2 on youtube so beautiful and talented!) anyways and she was using this foundation. I really loved the final result so i got it, clinique always are a bit on the small side with the size of their foundations though. It is indeed smaller in life.

Anti-Blemish solutions clearing moisturizer, I wasnt planning on getting this, sort of an impulse buy. I havent really got into using it yet but i like the idea of my skin getting better with this, not that i have bad acne of anything but i do get spots and break outs, boo! :(

I have wanted this moisturizer for soo long! Its lovely and silky, a little goes a long way and it makes my skin feel great. Its called the 'dramatically different moisturizing lotion' if you cant make out the photo. So far so good, been using it for about 3 days.
Picture heavy, sowwie, but I know i love a good look at products before i even think about buying!! Always interesting..
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  1. I've been thinking about getting the anti-blemish foundation, I'd be interested to know how you get on with it!

  2. Iv been using it all week! The coverage seems quite light but it is buildable depending on the amount you want to use! Coverage lasts all day (my working day primarily 8-4/5) which is great! Im really liking it, worth buying in my opinion! Il let you know in a little while if its made any difference to the quality of my skin xxxx