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Monday, 16 June 2014

Wounding.. my friends | Special effects Makeup

Just more of the simple stuff. I now have a lot of time for my blog, uni is finished! I have accumulated many pictures from throughout the year that I was too busy to post about. I like to document everything on here, my posts help me see everything a lot more clearly and it is like a diary for me. You guys still search for me so I figure why not, hopefully these are not too dull. 

Playing around with silicones, probably my favourite medium to work with, blends super easy. There isn't really a story to this makeup, I was literally just playing here and there with no thought. I think the would around the eye looks the most realistic. 

Get used to this little face, we are moving in together in a few weeks. More of the same, Poppy kindly being my model. Nothing particularly special about these looks, or anything I am truly happy with, just playing around. I think I used wax for all of this, back to basics.  

Thanks for reading! Also I changed my blog name back to 'BECCASBEAUTYSPOT.BLOGSPOT.COM' as I found a lot of you could not find me anymore! I guess that will have to stick because I've been doing this too long! xoxox

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