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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Body Art

(Behind the scenes)

I was so excited for this assessment, I love getting to do things I have no experience in and testing myself. I am in it because this is my passion and  I want to give myself more opportunities in doing what I love. I would never have taken a body art job before this as I had no experience in it, until now. As I enjoy all things arty, I loved this. I made the whole costume and the headpiece (which took bloody forrrrrever, sewing a million leaves, good one becca...) On the day of this assessment, Karma was against me, because this is not how any of my design was meant to look. Three airbrush guns broke on me, the most unreliable machines ever (where was my dad?!) and I ended up with no time left and literally was just hand painting whatever. Not really great but I am pleased, I problem solved and did my best. Photography and the moodiness of the final images also help. Maybe some day I will recreate the awesome design I planned for but ah well. 

Hope this inspires some of you, there really aren't that many body art pictures to search through online. Also if anyone is really interested watch the show 'Naked Vegas' it is a reality show following body artists, amazing!

Thanks for reading xoxo

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