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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Festival Face | Parklife

As you may be able to tell this one of my favourite styles of makeup to do, I love anything a bit different and with bright colours!

The above three pictures are in all in natural light with no filter. 

First of all the bindi and gems are from Topshop, but you can get them much cheaper and in bulk from places like ebay. 

For my eyes I used genuine orange from Mac Pro which adds a really strong base and then I went mad with my 100ish eyeshadow palette, this is a life saver for having all colours. If you are in the market for one of these, again search ebay or amazon, be warned pigmentation can be hit or miss. Luckily I bought mine a couple of years ago when they were really unheard of. I also patted some glitter over the top, this was a white one from NYX, any brand does the same job for the effect.

Lashes are ardel, probably my favourite brand. Brows are Mac Lingering and Lips are the Topshop liquid lipsticks I haven't stopped talking about recently! I wanted something that was going to last hours and these definitely stand the test of time, even through drinking and rain haha! I find the most long last foundation I have is Mac Studio Sculpt, it's flawless and feels quite heavy, which is why I hardly ever use it. But if you like this type, this is perfect. I much prefer Bare Minerals for day to day because I can't hack knowing I will probably break out in spots and I like my skin to be visible through and show freckles but for special occasions like this where I need it to be heavy, it is a good option.

Thanks for reading, enjoy all the summer festivals! xoxo

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