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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Makeup Purchases | Mac & Topshop

I was working on set in Belfast the past few days and actually got to pick up a few things I've been meaning to in ages. The really annoying thing, (as far as I'm aware of) is that the closest Mac to me is in Belfast which is over an hour on the train away. So annoying and to top it off I always get the WORST costumer service, to the point that I have now decided I will only ever order online. I also finally picked up my first topshop cream blush because annoying the Belfast topshop is the only one that stocks the makeup. Unfortunately the stand was grubby and disgusting with lots of teenage girls putting there faces of makeup on using the testers, hence why I only picked up one thing. Not a great shopping experience to say the least.

(I 'back to mac'ed' for these two lipsticks normally £13 each)
On hold & Bombshell
Mac Cremeblend blush Something special £17
Topshop cream blush Neon Rose £6

On hold is now my new favourite red lipstick! It's not drying and as high maintenance as any of my others because its the cremesheen formula, would definitely recommend it. This also doesn't effect it's staying power!

Bombshell is the frost formula which means it has quite alot of shimmer (hence the flashback in the photo below, sorry!) It's a really nice everyday pink that would suit everyone!

Picked this up on a whim and I'm in love with it, doesn't feel greasy or anything on the skin, lasts well and I love the colour!

Have only tried this out on my hand but I only read feel the need to buy all the rest of the shades, haha!

Trying to get a picture of these blushes swatched was a nightmare, this is best I could do but they are much more pigmented in real life, but this will give you an idea of the colours, just brighter!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you've tried any of these products and your thoughts! xoxo


  1. I chose you for The Liebster Blog Award, check out my post at

  2. I love Topshop's cream blushers, I love all of their make up at the moment actually! I really want to try the Mac Cremeblend formula too but I can never pick a colour when I'm at the counter x

    1. To be honest they are exactly the same as the topshop ones!! not worth the money unless theres a colour your dying!! xx

  3. That cream blush from topshop looks so pretty! I am yet to try their blushes but really want to x