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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Feeling Arty | Creative Makeup Look

Hi Everyone!
Some days I just sit down, not a clue and this happens. I am pretty happy with the final outcome, this can tend to go off in a weird way, a lot of the time a bit too directionless. But I am really enjoying playing with my airbrush machine. 

This is something similar to mine if you are wondering what airbrush is?

I created my own stencil and airbrushed on all the colours as a base. The black is grease paint, blended with shadow as is the pattern above the eye. The other eye is some glitter and gem stickers I picked up in one of those cheapy, bargain shops. Huge tip, I always pick up random stuff like this (Hoarder), with nothing in mind other than I will probably use it for something.. and wayhey!

Simple enough product list, airbrush, grease paints and applique.

I am very much always inspired by art. Always trying to create something, do what makes you happy.

Have a nice day/night xox

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