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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Marylin Manson | The Everyday Goth vs An Epic Halloween

I absolutely love crazy, character makeup. Personally I don't tend to listen to Marilyn Manson's music, don't get me wrong, I appreciate a few songs, like many. But I am super intrigued by interestingly, odd people. I recently read his autobiography which spared on this look! I give it a big thumbs up, because he is super artistic and intellectual. I am in favour of this man and others like him, do whatever you want, create art and be happy. (I would LOVE to be a makeup artist for someone like this).

If you would like to recreate this look for everyday, halloween or fancy dress, keep reading!

Firstly you want to cover your eyebrows, I used spirit gum because mine are particularly crazy and grow in every direction, but if you are looking a cheap easy way, non toxic glue sticks usually work! Powder after to take away stickiness.

All the white base and blue is done by airbrush, but you can easily opt for facepaint.

Lips are black eyeliner blended into Mac's Rebel (If its for halloween opt for anything cheap aka facepaints, eyeshadow etc, do not buy an expensive lipstick for one night! Though Rebel is awesome!)

For super quick easy 'chrome grillzz' use tin foil and just fold it to an appropriate size and push around your teeth.

One crazy contact is necessary to complete the look, his is usually white though. Also a black wig, or spray your hair black and slick it back in this fashion!


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