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Monday, 18 June 2012

YSL Duty Free Goodies

YSL lasting radiance smoothing eyeshadow in 2 Cashmere Brown, Golden gloss in 6 and 3

I can't swatch the other gloss because I gave it as a present to my mummy and it's in her handbag!

A little background story to these purchases, I was in Tenerife duty free surrounded by all the big name brands, I knew I needed some makeup items (as you always do) and I spotted a Special offer stand, the barginista that I am, obviously I popped over to check it out and low and behold a pack of 3 YSL products for only 19.75 euro. Doesn't really sound right, but who could pass it up, so off I went and purchased!

Later on I opened and realised the two glosses where brand new TESTERS. Grr! But then again with them being brand new, I suppose theres nothing to complain about, my boyfriend actually was able to pick off the giveaway tester stickers on the bottom of them so my mum is not aware of this haha. Would be a little odd giving someone a tester as a present.. So just a little story so you can all beware of this happening to you!

The eyeshadow is a lovely deep brown, a little like mac's satin taupe but definitely less of a purple tone. It has a lot of glitter particles but thankfully I didn't get alot of fall out and it blends lovely!

The gloss is also gorgeous, not sticky (like Macs lipglasses HATE THEM) long lasting as well, probs one of the best lip gloss formula's I've come across! I love the gold fleck's also, they translate lovely onto the lips.

Thanks for reading, let me know if anything like this has happened to you! Do you guys love ysl products?



  1. These look lovely! I've never tried YSL beauty products before but the packaging is so nice xxx

    1. i know i think the packaging is what's so appealing about the brand!! bad to say but true! xxx

  2. I love YSL, I find their nail polish is really long lasting and the packaging is so luxurious! :-) xx

  3. Great reviews, where're you from outside of Belfast? I'm only a student in Queens x

    1. about an hour outside!! alot of my friends are in queens actually! x