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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium

This is dare I say it, is the powder of all powders. I've tried a few other mac powders, the blot one etc (I liked that it had a mirror and that was it lol) and lots from other brands but I've never experienced a powder that looks non existent on the skin! All other powders I've used in the past gave me the cakey, talc look and dear knows how I looked if I applied a little too much?! I dread to think now.
But with the mac mineralize skinfinish natural I find it takes down shine, sets my foundation but I still look healthy and my skin actually looks like skin! You can even reapply and you never look cakey! If you've combination/normal skin (not uber oily because maybe you do need a heavy powder to absorb the excess) this powder would be amazing! I have had mine (pics above) for a year, used it everyday and still have loads left, so if you think its a little pricey at just a little over £20 I think, it is worth the money.

Any one else agree with me? Thanks for reading xoxo 


  1. Hey girl thanks for checking out my blog! i followed you:)
    I used up all of my MSF natural and cant decide if it was worth the money to repurchase, but i might have to because I havent found a powder that compares!

  2. I'm mad to try this! It looks amazing! :) Just followed your blog Love it :) xx