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Friday, 19 September 2014

15 Min Crazy Circus Clown | Halloween Inspiration

Hey all! My first Halloween related posted of the year! I would say this is the first time I feel organised and have ever posted this early. I want to bash out a good few posts/youtube tutorials, simple and a little more technical. 

This crazy clown is definitely on the simple side, which is why I give it about 15- 30minutes, I spent more time trying to get the contacts in as I am a big novice when it comes to them.

What you need?
Latex and cotton wool - for the nose
Face paints - whatever colour choice
A little bit of blood - optional
Contact lenses - your choice, mine are these :  Roach lenses 
Black outfit and Black Bowler hat - Optional or jazz it up!

Look how cool the contacts look alone.. (full screen it)

To make the nose literally coat a little bit of cotton wool in latex and mold into a ball, leave to dry for about 2 minutes and then paint it with red face paint and a little blood and glue on with latex at the end. Very simple and comfortable to wear on the face, as plastic bought ones can be heavy!

Hope you enjoyed this! Bigger and Better things to come! xx

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