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Friday, 17 October 2014

New Products That Have Made It As Staples | What I'm Loving

Finally tried the brand Limecrime after alot of lusting. I am a big fan of the Youtuber Lauren Curtis and this is one she mentioned a few times which initially popped it onto my radar. I totally agree with her, I love it. This has knocked Mac's Creme Cup out of the window. I really haven't reached for it since. It smells amazing, is super pigmented and really moisturizing on the lips. If you love nude lips, you need this. As this is an American brand I got it from

Another Youtuber reccommendation. This one is LisaLisaD1's favourite Bridget Bardot Nude, really how can you not want to look like Bridget - sold. Lisa is gorgeous and totally fabulous for her age, and she has really got me back into brown-y nudes, a touch to 90's but not as dark. For a matte it is really smooth and not drying.

I really don't know how I have lived without this so long. An eyeshadow primer is essential in my makeup routine. Soft ochre is a pale skin tone beige but for me it's also like a concealer mixed in too. It covers all my redness and veins on my lid. I've also even been using it to brighten my dark circles and it lasts amazing because its a primer. I am not sure if it's marketed for this but it stays all day, doesn't crease and looks fab, so why not!

I think this Illamasqua Vernau has a cult following and is pretty popular. I heard Alex Box quote that it is gorgeous for contouring. She is pretty much my idol so it doesn't take much for her to sell me products. The lovely manager at Belfast Counter also said this was lovely for blonde eyebrows, I don't agree for myself as my brows are veryyyy cool toned grey/brown so it doesn't match but I can imagine if you are warm toned this would work! An awesome one for multiple uses. Great for blue eyes also.

Swatches of products mentioned.
Limecrime Coquette, Mac Honey Love, Mac Soft Ochre, Illamasqua Vernau.

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