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Monday, 10 November 2014

The Gross and The Gore | Special Effects Makeup

This week's gore. I find it quite therapeutic to create bits and pieces when I'm watching films on my down time. I am never happy with my work (who is?) but I always post it anyways for inspiration and I am constantly learning. Much of makeup is trial and error. If I can have already have tested at home in a relaxed environment it makes problem solving during working much easier!

I never really used sculpting wax, I always wrote it off as a bit simple, a bit outdated. But my mind has been blown by the powers of this 'old skool' technique ever since I discovered the artist Marc- 'powdah' on instagram. He is a wax magician! Even google him if you don't use instagram, let me know what you think!

My kryolan aquacolor palette is my baby- I use it for everything. For these I also used: Ben Nye Wax, Scar Plastic and blood. 

Pretty simple but effective.

Thanks for reading xx

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