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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Red Smokey Eye | Gryffindor Inspired | Nerdy Makeup

Hey! This is the look I wore today, been doing quite natural makeup day to day lately so felt inspired to do something a little more powerful.

First of all the easy parts, everything but the eyemakeup are the products I use everyday.

Moisturizer: Origins Ginzing energy boosting -This is my favourite skincare brand, ever! I am slowly working my way through the range to find the best one suited to my skin, but I am happy with everything I've tried so far! If you are wondering why I change, but I always finish it up first.
Primer: Smashbox photofinish original.
Bare Minerals night treatment Light. - If I have breakouts I always put a layer of this on first to help heal my skin and it acts as a barrier from the rest of my makeup to prevent any spots. It's great cause it adds a bit of coverage too. 

Bare Minerals Ready Foundation R250
Dior Honey Bronze
Lancome Blush trio palette (apricot peach one?)
Benefits Watts Up Highlighter (I HATE Benefit as a brand/company (not the general staff lol hi friends, basically how they treat you!) and everything it stands for but I can't deny this is their one hidden gem, product.)

NYX Mauve Lipliner (Lost Mac Spice *cries*)
Mac Creme Cup Lipstick
Mac Lipglass Florabundance

Mua Heaven and Earth Palette - Light matte brown and dark matte brown

And Finally to the EYES!
Base: Urban decay primer potion
MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - Matte brown in the crease, gold in inner corner
THE MAIN PRODUCT OF THE LOOK - Illamasqua pure pigment in Berber
Sleek Del Mar Palette- white to highlight, orange blended into the brown in the crease as a transition colour and a little over gold in inner corner.
MUA white eyeliner blended with MUA matte brown and sleek orange on bottom lash line.
Black ELF gel liner
Dior show maximizerwhite mascara to thicken and build lashes with Lancome Hypnose Mascara on top.

And that's the look!
I am super happy with it, I went through a stage of wearing really warm eyeshadow looks everyday and I have been out of it for months until now! I have fell back in love!
Let me know if you would rock something like this? To me I feel like this is normal but I know my brain doesn't work like everyone else's! 

Bit of a long one but enjoy! xoxox p.s almost at 60,000 views ewk! 


  1. This look is gorgeous! I normally stick more natural eye looks, and I always feel like I look ridiculous when I wear a more dramatic eye look, but I think I might give a look like this a try in the future :)

    Lauren |

    1. Ah noo!! It just takes wearing them a few times to get comfortable! Go for it!

      Thank You xx