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Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Creative bugs that comes with new makeup

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by :)
I did a little makeup shopping as always and there is just something refreshingly creative about getting new products especially from the brand Illamasqua. Sometimes before bed, before I take my makeup off I will have the urge to put some more on, often in more of a relaxed, no thoughts - just let's see where this goes way.

And this is the final product, a main feature of this was testing out the Illamasqua liquid metal palette - which I find amazing. (It has alot of negative reviews of the website which is plain silly!) It picks up fabulously in the light even from iphone quality pictures.

I most definitely urge this type of creative outlook of makeup, this is my kind of idea of how I can express. As they say makeup is art. If you get stuck in a makeup rut, maybe see if you can find new ways to use the products you have.

I filmed the haul of these products, if you are curious as to what else I bought - check out my youtube:

As always you guys are amazing. Stay true xxxx

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