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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Peachy Pinks | Makeup of the Day

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing well! So today I am not going to lie, I felt like writing a post but not actually doing the work that goes into one. So off I took to my photos library for some inspiration and I found this picture of a look way back in the summer that I hadn't shared with my blog. I love the colours and the subtle style of the makeup.

My favourite part of this look is the simplicity of the eye makeup - one peach colour blended all over the eye. (This is from a sleek palette)

I guess today I am missing the spring/summer... days when my skin had some colour! I bet I am not the only one? But this had me thinking, sometimes less is more and I am finding myself reaching for just one eyeshadow to pop all over the lid for an easy go to day look. Obviously a big plus as it's a time saver. If you are a girl of multiple eyeshadows- give this a go, it's refreshing!

Always just trying to show something different from time to time, change is good!


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