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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Pinterest | The place that adds a little or a lot of Inspiration

Pinterest - another little place on the internet that I visit everyday, a spare minute here and there but really most of the time much more. This website is fabulous, not just for beauty or fashion but for everything. It has really inspired my love of illustration and art which I found over the last years maybe got put a bit more on the back burner from beauty. But really there is everything on there, home decor, animals, cars, space, nature, tattoos, books, - anything you want to search!

If at times you can really feel uninspired, what do I wear? What way do I want this to look? Or I need a new...blank? Amazing. Especially if you are very visually motivated like me. I'm also not just saying check out mine obviously- get the app! 

Here's a few images that have inspired me in my life at the moment, or that I just love! 

Living room

Morris Minor - Lilac

Freckles galore... this really reminded me of your hair when it is looking great :)

Kate D. MacDowell

albino among darker

City Hall - Belfast Northern Ireland - was only there for an hour, but it still counts, right? VK

Just a little piece of me xxx

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