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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday Shopping | I found Wet and Wild!

Nearly every Sunday I have a Mama-Daughter shopping trip in my Gran and Granda's town, just before visiting them. Usually I spend all this time in Primark but I just wasn't feeling it today so I ventured out into some other shops. Just having a wonder I popped into one of the local pharmacies in the shopping centre and low and behold (this may make me sound sad) the most exciting part of my day, I found the American brand Wet & Wild! Honestly I am bewildered as to why they stock this as I have never heard of anywhere else or even seen it in person!
(To any Americans you may think I'm weird!)
I just picked up what I thought would be the most exciting, just incase it was terrible. I'll probably be back in for more next time, I really want to try the lip products. 

I bought this eyeshadow palette in Poster child, probably the brightest one from the brand. I think it's cool the way they have guidance printed in the shadows, but jesus nobody put the yellow on their browbone!! Fail. But I'm excited to try this out, overall it's good pigmentation. 

Vices (red) Distortion (blue) Bleached (white) £1.59 each!

 The other items I bought from the brand were these three cream glitter pots. Originally I thought these were eyeshadows but actually it says they are for the face and body which is cool, especially for Halloween.

Can't wait to have a play with these!

 I also bought this glow stick from Topshop makeup in Play Up. It's really pigmented and I'm loving cream highlights! £10

And the next two products, my bestie Rachel picked up for me, I almost bought this Illamasqua white liquid liner in the shade Scribe but then she found it in the sale in London for £5 yay! 

She also picked me up another Mac Spice lipliner on her way home in Duty Free. I lost mine and I literally wear this every other day, it is amazing!! I think this is around £10.

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you liked this post! xoxo


  1. Aah I have been looking to try Wet and Wild for ages! What pharmacy did you find this in?

    Lauren |

    1. Heyyy! In the little pharmacy in The Quays Newry, enjoy! xxx