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Saturday, 22 November 2014

My Week In Pictures | My Instagram

 It's understatement to say I'm pretty obsessed with instagram.  (Follow me @rebeccadurrans) I really enjoy these kinds of posts that are a little bit personal and you can hear a little bit more on what I've been doing this week.

Primark are selling these beautiful 1920's style headbands which I'm in love with. Not to everyone's taste as I was told I should be dancing barefoot in a forest with this on lol. But I would definitely check these out as they really make an outfit and are really cute for the festive season. Be different and who care's what people think.

This is what's on my eyes in the above picture and have been everyday since I got them really! Mac's holiday collection pigments in bronze and rose. How bloody gorgeous and worth the money in my opinion, used them on a few clients so far and they just take a smokey eye to the next level!

Hairstyling is not something I've been doing long- I am qualified over a year but compared to makeup/beauty I'm still a baby in this aspect. Been really trying to up my game and practice alot more too. I find it's alot easier for me to get creative than follow tutorials - I tend to beat myself up if I get lost! Some updo's I did this week, excited to explore more.

Wow! This product is a dream, I can't actually believed it worked out so well. Apparently it gives different results on everyone so be warned also. But all I can say is I now have full brows instead of half ones and my mascara now smudges under my brows- which is a shock for me! I bought it in Sally's, which I won't again cause it'll save me the shit customer service I got (Don't worry I always say it how it is ;)) and some money cause it's cheaper online from places like amazon.

Getting creative! I haven't did anything quirky or arty in a little while. I can't cope with neutrals every single day. The speckled eyeliner trend is sooo beautiful, paired with less crazy eyeshadow, I'd say it could be wearable for many! I've seen pictures where people dotted a few different colours on and it looked fabulous - like confetti eyeliner! 
Products I used: Mac Pro Primary Yellow Paint pot
Mac Bitter, Brick & Cranberry
Illamasqua pure pigment Berber & Illamasqua precision ink Scribe 
All products I would 100% recommend and are firm favourites!

Also just a quick note, this is how I feel with a topknot?? My doppelganger LOL I am absolutely obsessed with American Horror Story. I swear the first 10 minutes of the first episode scared the shit out of me I kept putting it off! But actually that's been the only thing to really scare me so far (now half way through series 2) and the story lines and twists are just WOW. Get on it if you haven't or felt like me before. I know I'm way behind on this hype. It ain't actually too scary I was just being a wuss. 

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  1. American Horror Story is the best! I wish one day I'll be able to do makeup as good as Pepper's. And the dotted eyeliner is really beautiful, it really should look amazing with neutrals too!
    P. S. I've followed you on Bloglovin ♥
    The Caramel Cat

    1. I know seriously! Ahhh thank you so much! Checking out your blog right now xxx