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Monday, 17 November 2014

Arabic Eyes | Makeup Of The Day

I don't normally wear a lot of eyeliner but some days I don't have any ideas of the makeup look I'm doing and I just go with the flow so this is quite a different look for me. 

The main part of this look is the liner which reminds me of a classic Arabic look. They tend to follow the liner into the inner corner as well as winging it quite far out. This gives a real feline look as well as accentuating the shape of the eye. Also paired with lots of black kohl inside.

For the mermaid style eyeshadow I used the eyeshadow 'Chronic' by Urban Decay with the Wet n Wild cream glitters over top (Blue and White) Featured here :

On my lips I have Mac Spice Lipliner and the Mac Lipstick in Honey Love, for a nice natural, brown nude. 

I also wanted to give a mention to the foundation I've been wearing everyday for past month. I bought a bottle of the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet in 20 Beige in the summer, wore it once and popped it in my drawer. I never thought twice really until I discovered it again and for £33.00 I thought I better give this a proper try!

Initially I was put off by its overwhelmingly strong fragrance - more than any other makeup I've tried. This scared me cause all I could think was -- SPOTS! But I have been using it everyday, the finish of it is gorgeous it looks really smooth and silky on the skin (and believe me this is not my natural skin), just like velvet funnily enough! It has around medium coverage and is buildable and lasts well on my combination skin- after a couple of hours it is quite glowy which is something I'm trying to embrace. But in all honesty I don't think I would buy it again because it isn't ground breaking-- for that price, lovely product but feels a bit too much like putting perfume on my face - coming from a bare minerals girl! 

Let me know if you have tried it before?

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  1. This look is so stunning! I have never tried any Chanel makeup haha, but I am always on the scout for the perfect foundation, and I just haven't found it yet! :(
    Sam xx

    1. I feel like that is the story of us all, even when I find ones I love I keep trying to find better lol xx