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Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Lip Product Tag

I just read this on one of my favourite blogs -
I love Laura, right from her old skool youtube days, check her out! p.s this might be boring to some of you, especially if you don't like lip products! I enjoy Tag's because it's a nice easy post and they are fun and chatty... enjoy :)

Favourite balm or treatment?
To be honest I think the majority of these products do the same thing, unless it's a proper heavy duty product for chapped lips and something medicinal. But the one I use everyday is a yellow EOS balm (the egg ones!) in lemon flavour, I love them cause it tastes yummy and it's really easy to use!

Best eye catching Red Lipstick
Red is probably my least favourite colour on myself, I only recently discovered this when I wore it for literally the first time in ages the other day. I feel I am much more of a pink/purple girl. But obviously I own tonnes, my mind changes daily. My most used one that springs to my mind is Mac-Lady Danger (If all these are Mac don't get mad!). A cheaper option is probably ELF matte lip colour in Rich Red, more of a blue toned red!

Favourite Pink Lipstick
This is a tough one. (I had to leave this and come back at the end lol) Does liquid lipstick count? I love Topshop's lip varnish in Field day, I've mentioned it loads! Pink Noveau is my first Mac lipstick I've bought, it will always be in my heart haha.

Favourite Nude Lipstick
MAC's CREME CUP. AMEN. Best lipstick ever. My go to one, always looks good. Especially in my little lip trio of go to products which unveil as we go.

Best Luxury Lipstick
Chanel Rouge Allure 91 Seduisante. The packaging is beautiful as is everything about the lipstick. Formula is lovely, colour is just a little more pink than an nude. Easy to wear, exactly what you want when you pay that much!

Best MAC lipstick
Mac lipsticks are clearly my favourite. They are my go to brand, I rarely look anywhere else! It's easier to make a list : Creme cup, angel, cyber, Rebel, Pink Noveau, On Hold, Bombshell, Ravishing, Russian Red, Impassioned (Them all really lol).

Favourite gloss
At the start I didn't get on well with this but it's Mac's Lipglass in Florabundance. It's a really nude colour, but in my trio with creme cup and the lip liner (question coming up!) It is amazingggggg! My second fav is Chanel's 104 if I'm after something sparkly, because this is the MOTHER of all sparkle. Beaut.

Favourite Spring/Summer shade
Topshop's Lip Varnish in Fun & Games! AMAZING peachy orange. I love it. I also love the bright purple in High Times.

Favourite Autumn/Winter shade
100% Mac's Rebel and Mac's Cyber. Super bold, dark and amazing!

Lip liner: yes or no?
YESSS!! Mac's Spice Lipliner is my holy grail and completes my trio of my favourite lip. Spice, Creme Cup and Florabundance create the most perfect, pouty, nude lip! And I need all 3 together for the perfect look. I could not live without this liner. It's the perfect colour for drawing your lips fuller (which I do) and still looks as natural as possible! I might do a post on this showing how I do the lip, because I love it so much.

Sorry this was so Mac heavy, but hey you can't deny what's tried and tested. Their lip products are the best thing from the brand!

Thanks for reading xoxo

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