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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ombre Lips + Subtle Glitter Smokey eye | FOTN

I really love how much difference makeup can be between black and white and colour. I have started photography classes and it has recently come to my attention. The whole atmosphere/theme/of a photograph changes between both of them.

Anyways this is quite a dramatic look, full on black smokey eye, glitter, and a bright pink ombre lip! Definitely one I'd wear on a night out but not that there are any makeup rules, take whatever inspires you from this! I've always been really inspired by the signature Mary-Kate and Ashley olsen smokey eye (they take the black right round the eyes and quite far underneath) and this is the eyeshadow shape I went for. Ombre lips are really easy to do, all you need is a lighter and a darker shade. This doesn't just have to be pinks, could be reds, oranges or even black and grey for halloween or a goth look! Trick is outline with dark, fill in with light and rub lips together lightly to blend, or if it smudges too much use a small lip brush to be more precise! They really make your lip shape stand out and it just makes everything overall a bit more modern and interesting. If you are looking to wear this for a longer time get a lip coat (clear liquid that you brush overtop to seal it in place and make more waterproof) to make it longer lasting!

Let me know if you liked this look and if anyone tried it out! Lots of halloween looks coming soon! xoxox

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