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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Quick fire casualty makeups | sfx makeup

I am no longer going to make promises on my blog, cause that ends in failure, I will always post and never abandon it, but I really struggle to find time at the moment, for instance working and uni over 2 weeks in a row no days off and have to fit uni work in to that aswell. I am even doing this post off my phone before uni, so if there are a mix of more simple posts that's why! Anyways this is just some bits I've did in class recently, bare in mind only had 10-15 mins to create concept, the piece and paint it! Kind of like quick fire casualty makeup!

Burnt fingers with latex, tissue, blood and grease paint.

Wound made with wax and blood.

Cuts made with silicone, blood and grease paint.

Obviously my fav #selfieeee haha

Hope this post was still interesting even if I did do it on my phone, no pics are edited so that way you can see everything in reality which is good! Thanks for reading! Xox

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