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Monday, 27 May 2013

Favourite Topshop Nailpolish At The Moment | Aurora

  Aurora £5

I apologise if you hate feet, I don't purposely want to put my feet out there, but my finger nails are chipped and I'd rather unchipped polish if it's the main focus!
This is actually my one and only Topshop nail polish I have purchased so far because it was the only one that stood out to me. This is the only way I can justify buying nail polish, I have so many and it really has to look like nothing I own. The only way I can describe Aurora polish is that it looks like oil on wet ground, an amazing duochrome effect, nearly like a rainbow if you look closely! I was almost sure it wouldn't translate on the nails but it actually does which is why I love it!
Definitely worth checking out for £5 too! As far as I know the only Topshop in northern Ireland that stocks them is the Belfast one at Victoria Square, where I purchased this!


  1. Gorgeous colour x

  2. Looks like a gorgeous polish! x